The Qatar 2022 World Cup: The Worst Performing Teams

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The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious football tournament in the world and the biggest sporting event after the Olympics. Every four years, 32 countries from around the globe gather at a host nation to compete for the coveted trophy. Qatar 2022 was the 22nd edition of the World Cup, and it saw some of the most memorable matches in the tournament’s history. However, alongside the triumphs and successes, there were also some teams who struggled and failed to live up to expectations. In this article, we will take a look at the worst performing teams of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

1. Qatar

Qatar’s performance at the 2022 World Cup can only be described as disastrous. The host nation became the first team in World Cup history to lose all three of their group stage matches. They conceded seven goals and scored just one, a penalty from Hassan Al-Haydos against Senegal. Qatar’s players looked out of their depth and struggled to compete with the quality of their opponents. The team’s preparation for the World Cup was also questionable, with manager Felix Sanchez opting to play a series of friendlies against lower-ranked teams. As a result, Qatar were ill-prepared for the intensity and quality of the World Cup.

2. Canada

Canada’s return to the World Cup after 36 years was a short-lived one. The team lost all three of their group stage matches, scoring just one goal and conceding seven. Canada’s players showed some promise in the build-up to the tournament, but they were outclassed by their opponents in Qatar. Alphonso Davies, Canada’s star player, was injured in the team’s first game and his absence was a major blow. Canada’s lack of experience at the World Cup level was also evident, as they made several mistakes that cost them dearly.

3. Iran

Iran’s World Cup campaign was a tale of two halves. The team started the tournament brightly, holding England to a goalless draw in their opening match. However, Iran then lost their next two matches against Wales and the United States, conceding six goals and scoring just two. Iran’s players showed a lack of discipline and were often guilty of making reckless tackles. The team’s preparation for the World Cup was also disrupted by political unrest in Iran, which may have had an impact on their performance.

4. Tunisia

Tunisia’s World Cup performance was disappointing, to say the least. The team managed to draw their opening match against Denmark, but they then lost their next two matches against Australia and France. Tunisia’s players struggled to create chances and looked toothless in attack. The team’s defense was also poor, as they conceded five goals in their three matches. Tunisia’s lack of quality was evident throughout the tournament, as they were outplayed by their opponents in almost every match.

5. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s World Cup campaign began with a shock victory over Argentina, but the team then lost their next two matches against Poland and Mexico. Saudi Arabia’s players showed some resilience in their victory over Argentina, but they were outclassed by their opponents in their other two matches. The team’s lack of quality was evident, as they struggled to create chances and looked vulnerable at the back. Saudi Arabia’s World Cup campaign was a disappointment, but the team can take some solace from their victory over Argentina.


The 2022 World Cup was a tournament of surprises, with some teams exceeding expectations and others falling short. The teams discussed in this article are among the worst performers of the tournament, but they can all learn from their experiences and come back stronger in the future. The World Cup is a stage for the best football teams in the world, and it is important to remember that even the best teams can have off days.

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