Who Is the Worst Soccer Player in the World?

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While soccer is a popular sport enjoyed by millions, there are undoubtedly players who fail to meet expectations or demonstrate the necessary skills on the field. Identifying the “worst” player is subjective and can depend on various factors, including individual performance, team results, and fan perceptions. However, there are several players who have been consistently criticized for their subpar abilities, leading to their inclusion on lists of the worst soccer players in the world.

1. Ali Dia

Ali Dia is a former Senegalese striker who rose to notoriety for his disastrous performance with Southampton in 1996. Despite claiming to be a cousin of George Weah, the legendary Liberian striker, Dia had no prior professional experience or notable achievements. He was signed by Southampton manager Graeme Souness on the recommendation of his agent, who fabricated Dia’s playing credentials.

Dia made his debut for Southampton in a league match against Leeds United. His performance was abysmal, as he repeatedly miscontrolled the ball, missed easy passes, and failed to make any significant contributions. The crowd at The Dell jeered him off the pitch, and he was substituted after just 53 minutes. Dia never played another match for Southampton, and his brief spell in English football remains one of the strangest and most embarrassing episodes in Premier League history.

2. Kerlon

Kerlon Moura Souza, more commonly known as Kerlon, is a Brazilian midfielder who gained fame for his use of the seal dribble, a flashy technique that involves bouncing the ball over the opponent’s head using the sole of his foot. While Kerlon’s seal dribble earned him some admiration for his flair and creativity, it often proved to be ineffective in competitive matches.

Kerlon’s career never really took off, as he struggled to establish himself in various clubs in Brazil, Italy, and the United States. Critics argued that his reliance on flashy tricks hindered his ability to develop more fundamental skills, such as passing, shooting, and defending.

3. Ulises Dávila

Ulises Dávila is a Mexican winger who has had an underwhelming career despite showing promise at a young age. Dávila played for Chelsea’s youth academy and was part of the Mexico squad that won the under-17 World Cup in 2011. However, he failed to live up to expectations at the senior level.

Dávila spent time with several clubs in Mexico, Europe, and Asia, but he struggled to make a consistent impact. He lacked the pace, strength, and decision-making ability required of a top-level winger. His poor performances led to him being labeled as one of the worst Mexican players of his generation.

4. Jô

Jô is a Brazilian forward who has been criticized for his inconsistent form and lack of discipline. Despite having a brief spell with Manchester City, Jô’s career has been mostly spent in Brazil and other South American countries.

Jô is a talented striker with good technique and a powerful shot. However, he has been plagued by weight problems and off-field controversies that have affected his performances on the pitch. He has also been accused of being lazy and缺乏dedication, leading to a decline in his career.

5. Arturo Luz

Arturo Luz is a Colombian goalkeeper who has been criticized for his comical errors and poor decision-making. Luz played for several clubs in Colombia and Ecuador, but he failed to establish himself as a reliable goalkeeper.

Luz’s reputation as a poor performer was cemented in a 2013 match between his club Deportivo Cuenca and Emelec. Luz made several bizarre mistakes, including dropping the ball into his own net and failing to catch a harmless long-range shot. His performance earned him widespread ridicule and cemented his status as one of the worst goalkeepers in the world.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the players listed above, several other soccer players have been criticized for their poor performances and negative impact on their teams:

  • Faustino Asprilla (Colombia)
  • El Hadji Diouf (Senegal)
  • Joey Barton (England)
  • Mario Balotelli (Italy)
  • Adebayo Akinfenwa (England)


Identifying the “worst” soccer player in the world is a difficult task, as it depends on factors such as individual performance, team results, and fan perceptions. However, the players listed above have consistently failed to meet expectations and have been criticized for their lack of skill, poor decision-making, or off-field controversies. While some of these players have had moments of brilliance, their overall careers have been marked by disappointments and unfulfilled potential.

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