Robbie Rogers celebrates scoring the first USMNT Goal of the Jurgen Klinsmann era

Jurgen Klinsmann: Definitely an Open Door for Rogers

Robbie Rogers celebrates scoring the first USMNT Goal of the Jurgen Klinsmann era

Robbie Rogers celebrates scoring the first USMNT Goal of the Jurgen Klinsmann era

The lack of Robbie Rogers on the roster has been called the biggest snub of this January Camp for the USMNT, but Jurgen Klinsmann says the camp strategy left Rogers out and that there is an open door.

Speculation was high that this January Camp was prime time for Rogers to rejoin the squad after a stellar season at his new position of left back. Teammates and pundits both called a post-transformation Rogers “National Team ready.”

At the same time, Robbie Rogers alluded to a past coach and mentor in his memoir Coming Out to Play whose description fit Jurgen Klinsmann. While describing the numerous well-wishers he heard from after coming out, Rogers also mentions a coach and mentor he hadn’t heard from at all, even after his reaching out.

Some worried that what appeared to be a personal rift meant that Rogers may not get a much-deserved National Team opportunity.

According to, it’s the Camp’s focus on young talent that kept Rogers out of contention this time around. Looking ahead to both the 2015 Gold Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, there are nearly a dozen under-23 players in Carson right now.

According to Klinsmann, “If it was purely senior guys, Robbie would be in that camp.”

He also elaborated his youth strategy with an eye on Rogers’ future: “And that’s why some players were left out, and Robbie was one of them. But there’s always definitely an open door.”

Robbie Rogers Team of the Week

Robbie Rogers: National Team Ready?


Robbie Rogers Team of the WeekRobbie Rogers was once again named to the Major League Soccer Team of the Week after a great performance against Dallas, stoking the fire that he deserves a callup to the US Men’s National Team.

Team Captain Robbie Keane gave a glowing assessment of Rogers’ move to a defensive position to following the team’s weekend victory over FC Dallas:

He’s a player who’s grown in stature in that position. I think you’re looking at probably the best left back in the league. Certainly no question about that.

If (U.S. national team coach Jurgen) Klinsmann is watching the games no question he should be looked at. He’s been brilliant. That’s how much he’s come on.

Schedule-wise it’s difficult seeing when Rogers would join the National Team again, with the next pair of stateside matches coming so close to the MLS playoffs. Bruce Arena will be reticent to let too many of his players leave LA when there very well could be a Supporters Shield and prime playoff position on the line.

Rogers hasn’t had a National Team cap since 2011. It was a year that included him being a part of Klinsmann’s first roster and scoring a goal against Mexico in that friendly match. His international resume also includes an appearance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

All things considered maybe that headline should read, “Robbie Rogers, National Team Ready.”


U.S. Soccer Schedules Friendly in Ukraine


Federation sends diverse team to nation with recent history of neo-Nazi issues in fan base

Last week U.S. Soccer quietly announced that the Men’s National Team will play Ukraine in a friendly March 5 as part of its preparations for the 2014 World Cup. It wasn’t posted to social media; it was just slipped onto the website.

The issue with this is that the nation of Ukraine has had a recent history of racism, neo-Nazism, and gay bashing within its national team fan base and in the nation at large.

Let’s start with LGBT issues, where things got very heated in the months ahead of the Euro 2012 tournament that was co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine. Gay pride in Kiev had to be cancelled in May 2012 when right-wing soccer hooligans attacked event organizers soon before it was set to begin. Police flat-out told them they would not put officers in harm’s way to protect the LGBT community.

Amnesty International advised LGBT persons and other minorities from travelling to Ukraine for Euro matches:

Not only will they have to deal with violent football hooligans who deliberately target gay people and people of ethnic minorities, they will also face an extremely corrupt police force who have a track record of beating and mistreating people because of their sexual orientation.

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Michael Bradley and AS Roma Take on Chelsea FC


It was an interesting night at RFK stadium for a seemingly meaningless friendly between two clubs from different nations, competing for no pre-season trophy, in a nation not traditionally known for its football passions. However, 25,000 people showed up to see Michael Bradley’s AS Roma take on Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea side for what would turn out to be a fairly entertaining match.

As to be expected, all eyes were on the only American on the pitch,Michael Bradley, with fans eager to see how he’d match up against Chelsea’s world-class midfield including players such as John Obi Mikel, Eden Hazard, Oscar, Andre Schurrle, Kevin De Bruyne, and Michael Essien. You could tell Bradley was perhaps a bit over-excited, over-doing things on the dribble on multiple occasions. His eagerness to dribble out of danger was a bit comical several times, as he was in fact in space, and only looked silly and out of his depth. However, as a whole, he didn’t put in a terrible performance. His passing was effectual, and he put in a few great tackles to help his side defensively.

Chelsea were the real entertainers on the evening, with several players creating chances in on goal. Fernando Torres was quite lively while on the pitch, almost going in on goal with a clever series of back-heel juggles over the defense. Chelsea’s knew signing, veteran keeper Mark Schwartzer let in an absolute howler of a goal in the first half, as he mis-trapped a pass which then hit the post, only to be finished by Erik Lamela.

A second-half wonder-strike by Frank Lampard and a tap-in by Romelu Lukaku ensured victory for the English side, who were in truth the better performers on the night. After the match, Bradley spoke of the importance of playing in these type of friendlies against quality opponents to prepare for the start of the Serie A campaign. Bradley also mentioned the upcoming international friendlies as a chance for players to get in some last minute match fitness before rejoining their club squads. When I asked Bradley about whether or not he’d be traveling to Bosnia he replied “the players who will be traveling for the friendly should be notified by tomorrow whether or not they’ll be meeting up with the team.”

Having since been named to the squad for the Bosnia match, hopefully Bradley can add some much-needed leadership and experience to a relatively inexperienced USA squad.

American Outlaws Robbie Rogers

American Outlaws Sign on as Allies

American Outlaws Robbie Rogers

The American Outlaws on Facebook

Today we are happy to share that the American Outlaws, supporters of the United States National Soccer Team, are signing on as allies with gay4soccer.

From Outlaws co-founder and Vice President Justin Brunken:

The American Outlaws are a UNITED group of U.S. Soccer fans not discriminating by any means, including sexual orientation.  Anyone can and should be able to watch U.S. Soccer games with other fans just as passionate, despite their different backgrounds or preferences. Unite and Strengthen

With 80 chapters and thousands of members, the Outlaws are by far the largest group of supporters now standing as LGBT allies. It comes at a time when Robbie Rogers–who scored the first US goal under Jurgen Klinsmann in a match against Mexico–is contemplating a return the game, so it’s great to see that if he returns to the field wearing red, white, and blue, so many fans will have his back.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 10.25.12 AM

US Soccer Releases New Kit Celebrating 100 Years


US Soccer

Any fashionista will tell you never to forget your roots. US Soccer has a new jersey that celebrates 100 years of the federation (although we fans only like to count the last 20 or so) with a crisp, simple design that looks anything but old fashioned to me.

The blue sleeves and collar give the look a sturdy frame.  The bright white is a clean base; and the eye is drawn to the new badge immediately.  Let’s talk about the badge, eh?  Not many people love the current USA crest. The flying soccer ball is more little league anything else and the stars (which are meant to represent men’s, women’s, and youth programs) seem to others like we’re claiming championships we’ve never won.

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gay4soccer superlatives

The gay4soccer 2012 End of the Season Superlatives


gay4soccer superlativesIt’s nearly playoffs time for Major League Soccer, and nominations for the various end of the season awards from the league are beginning to be revealed. But here at gay4soccer we don’t want to look at the traditional best players at each position, and other best of awards the league gives out officially.

We want to know who has the best butt in American soccer (among other things) in true yearbook senior superlative style.

Nominations can be from anywhere in North American soccer: Major League Soccer and other leagues, or men’s and women’s national teams.

And while there is plenty of silliness in our list, at the top is our first ever Ally of the Year Award.

So help us out in the next week by nominating your favorite players for awards. You can nominate in as few or as many categories as you’d like, and can even do the form twice if you have multiple ideas for one category. As we go through nominations, voting, and revealing the winners, we hope this is a fun process for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The nominations process is now closed. Voting will commence Monday, October 29.

Jamaica US Crazy!


The US was able to secure three points out of two back to back games against Jamaica to exit the international break atop their semifinal round World Cup Qualifying group. Assuming the rest of the qualifying cycle goes according to plan, no one will think again of the week where ostensibly rational, functioning adult US fans forgot all of their history, lost track of reality, and started to internalize the proposition that we were bound to watch Brazil 2014 without a team to root for.

The Yanks went down to Kingston with a point on their mind.  They planned to sit back and break up Jamaica’s forward thrusts with a narrow, destructive midfield. But Dempsey’s early goal gave them an excuse to get passive; and while they defended very well (Jamaica didn’t really create a legitimate scoring opportunity beyond their set pieces), they simply couldn’t get anything going forward with such a defensive lineup.  A couple of fouls around the area resulted in direct free kick goals from Jamaica, and the US left without a point to show for their poor effort, despite having taken an early lead.

The US fanbase and media took this in stride, understanding that playing a decent team at home with two of our best players (Bradley, Donovan) out injured and the third (Dempsey) well out of form following a transfer dispute with his club is not always going to result in a quality performance.

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Cause for Concern for US in Back to Back Qualifiers Against Jamaica


I’ve said before that qualifying out of our CONCACAF region is full of tense moments.  This upcoming set of games, back to back vs. Jamaica (at their place on 9/7, and at home in Columbus on 9/11), is an early example of how a few breaks can lead to sticky situations in what should have been a straightforward path out of our semifinal group.

Klinsmann has had to test his depth with this roster, and there are a few things worth pondering as the team prepares for the most crucial two games of his tenure.

Muscle Strains Depth

Two of our best three players are missing due to leg strains.  Landon Donovan tweaked his hammy in the win down in Mexico and hasn’t played since in MLS, while Bradley’s been sidelined with a bum thigh for AS Roma since a so-so first start in their season opener.  Donovan’s leadership, decision-making, workrate and ability to make that one perfect play that wins the game will obviously be missed.  But Bradley’s absence is arguably more painful.  The team counts on his two-way ability and he provides punch on both sides of the ball as well as a knack for coming up with big goals.  With his backup options, you either lose passing and possession, or defensive bite.  It is difficult to overstate the void left by the absence of these two and the experience they would have brought.

In addition, Josh Gatt, the Norway-based speed merchant looking for his first cap, had to turn down Klinsmann’s call due to….a strained hamstring.

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USA Defense Finds Its Footing In Surprising Azteca Win


Did you hear we won in Mexico City for the first time ever?  Well, we did!  Here’s what I think about that.

It’s never pretty when we go down there.  Never.  Mexico is a better possession team than we are and at that altitude, the chasing we would have to do to try and negate that would quickly deplete our team’s energy.  To conserve legs for late in the match, we had to pack it in and let them have a lot of the ball.  It’s nerve-racking to watch, but you can count on one hand the real legitimate scoring opportunities the Mexicans created against this makeshift defense.

It is difficult to stay disciplined in this kind of game and to be patient enough to let your chance or two come.  Congrats to our guys for sticking to a plan for 90 minutes…

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