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Portland Timbers Fans Stage Anti-Homophobia Display


The Timbers Army led their fellow Portland Timbers fans in an anti-homophobia display prior to the team’s 3-0 victory over Chivas USA Sunday.

Anne Peterson of the Associated Press captured the display on video and posted it to YouTube:

It’s just the first of a bunch of displays like this we’ll be seeing over the next few weeks as supporters groups across Major League Soccer mark the International Day Against Homophobia coming up this Friday, May 17. Keep an eye on the stands across the League!

Several more images of the display coming up after the jump.

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Another Take on Giving the Chicago Tifo the Finger

I posted yesterday on one Houston fan’s response to Section 8 Chicago’s anti-homophobia tifo at Sunday night’s match.

Dan Loney takes on the issue very well over at Big Soccer, taking on posters on that site defending a fan giving the tifo the middle finger and sharing what he posted in response.

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You Stay Classy Houston Fans!

Ah Houston fans. You already know you’re in the Major League Soccer doghouse for your behavior on the road. So instead of being on top notch behavior as you travel to Chicago, one of you decides to attach this to a public Facebook page:

How nice! Giving a tifo done by Section 8 celebrating diversity the bird. Classy. I wasn’t feeling much sympathy for the restrictions placed on you as you travel as supporters before, and now even less so.

If that doesn’t cheese you off, check out the even more offensive version after the jump. (Warning, highly inappropriate language)

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Amazing Chicago Tifo Celebrating Diversity

In the first match for Houston since the Colin Clark incident, Section 8 Chicago unfurled an amazing tifo declaring “Our City – Our Club – Our Diversity – Our Strength”:

The game was called off in the 61st minute due to weather, and you can see the toll the storms took on the tifo.

Huge kudos to Section 8 for standing up for diversity with such an amazing display.

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