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Stu Holden Wraps up Season One of “No Holden Back”


There’s something ironic about Stu Holden singing “Born in the USA.” That, plus lunch with Grandpa and a musical montage about life back in England wrap up the first season of KickTV’s “No Holden Back.”

Stu Holden in the Shower, Doing his Hair, and Comparing Abs.


I liked the latest episode of KickTV’s “Stu Holden is a Big Exhibitionist” “No Holden Back.” Turnabout is fair play when the cameras are turned on him in the shower. He also teaches us how he styles his trademark hair and compares his abs with his brother Euan via Skype.

I try to ignore the whole “girlfriend” part.

Stu Holden on Tight Pants, Life in England, and Celebrity Lookalikes


Stu Holden takes to YouTube to answer another series of questions:

Stu Holden Spies on Jay DeMerit in the Shower to Everyone’s Delight

Jay DeMerit talked to Jimmy Conrad on KickTV about his defending with the Whitecaps, his artistic chops, and his documentary “Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story.”

The interview includes a bit of one of the bonus features of the DVD, Stu Holden capturing Jay on camera in the shower and joining him for a bit of singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

The full clip from the DVD is after the jump.

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No Holden Back the Adorableness

Episode 4 of KickTV‘s “No Holden Back” almost plays like a dating service video.

“Hi, my name is Stu and I’m 26 years old and 5 feet 10 inches tall. My likes are bunnies and Brad Pitt movies and my dislikes are baseball and cricket.”

Check it out:


Thursday Happy Hour: Killing Your Evening With Hours of Video


So much great soccer-related video out there on the web today and it was a great distraction at work. Here it all is to provide great distractions for your evening.

Kick has their latest episode of No Holden Back, featuring Stu cooking his meals in various states of undress.

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Clearly, this is the inspiration for the Olympic soccer ball color palette.

Thursday Happy Hour: The 2012 Olympics Soccer Ball is the Worst Looking Thing Since the Last Thing With the 2012 Olympics Logo


Clearly, this is the inspiration for the Olympic soccer ball color palette.

Never mind the London 2012 logo, which is atrocious all by itself. Did they have to make the official soccer match ball neon blue,  yellow, and pink? Or as the Sounders would call them, super cyan, electric yellow, and um, bubble gum pink. Seriously, this looks like the kind of soccer ball that would come with one of my sister’s Barbies in the 80s. The only upshot of this thing is it’s so ugly it’s going to make players want to kick it even harder.

In other soccer style news, the USA premiered their new away kits during yesterday’s victory over Italy. What do you think?

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Monday Happy Hour: On the Road Again


We may have driven to Frisco and back to watch the USA U-23 Men play San Antonio, but there are lots of other soccer road trips from this past weekend to note:

CBS has plenty of bonus footage of our favorite reality show twins Andrew and Elliot from last night’s Amazing Race, with last night’s episode featuring a leg of the race across Argentina:


Wednesday Happy Hour: Another Player’s Underpants!


That always seems to get everyone’s attention. But there will be a player’s underpants in today’s Happy Hour as well as a bunch of other things because there is a lot to catch up on since yesterday was dedicated to our Boy Scout posts. So join us for new jerseys, gay rights in soccer abroad, and yes, underpants. All this and much, much more in tonight’s Happy Hour.  read more…

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