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Robbie Rogers Olympics

Robbie Rogers Advocates Against Winter Olympics Boycott


Robbie Rogers OlympicsAs a former Olympian himself, Robbie Rogers has gotten a lot of questions about calls to boycott the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi after Russian crackdowns on the LGBT community. To answer everyone at once, he has penned a column for USA Today about the issue.

…I couldn’t imagine supporting a boycott of the Sochi Olympics that would deny any fellow athletes the opportunity to do what I did then: to compete against the world’s best, to fulfill the dream of a lifetime, to set an example for the world, to make our friends, families, and country proud of our accomplishments. I also couldn’t imagine telling an athlete not to boycott if that’s what he or she thinks is best.

Beyond his statements about Sochi, Rogers talks about the Galaxy’s recent trip to Miami for the International Champions Cup tournament. At one of their meals as a team, the subject of his sexuality came up: what it’s like to date guys and what it’s like to go to a gay bar. He compares that moment to what it will be like for out athletes and allies to go to Russia and have an opportunity to expose folks there to some exceptional members of the world LGBT community and have conversations.

You can read Robbie Rogers’ complete column at the USA Today website.

Lip Sync Video Face-off: USA vs. GB Soccer at the Olympics


At the start of the Olympics last month, this video of the US Women’s National Team lip syncing to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” made the internet rounds:

Well last week our Chivas USA writer Rachna shared on Twitter that the Team GB Women’s Soccer Team had also made a lip sync video. My instant reaction was “well screw that, America already did one and anything America does is better than anything anyone else does.”

My instant reaction may have been wrong.

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Gay Olympians Clean Up at London 2012


Megan Rapinoe isn’t the only out Olympic athlete heading home from London with a medal around her neck. Outsports/SBNation compiled the following list of other athletes who excelled at the Olympics:



  • Seimone Augustus, USA basketball player
  • Carl Hester, British equestrian
  • Marilyn Agliotti, Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel, Kim Lammers, and Maartje Paumen, Dutch field hockey players
  • Megan Rapinoe, USA soccer player
  • Judith Arndt, German cyclist
  • Edward Gal, Dutch equestrian
  • Lisa Raymond, USA tennis player

If “Gay” was a country, we’d have as many medals as Mexico, with 40% of out Olympians medalling. Check out their post for details on all these Olympians.

Top stories of 2012

1,000 More Words: Megan Rapinoe and Sarah Walsh



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Megan Rapinoe celebrates during the USA's semifinal vs. Canada.



Going for the Gold


This morning Canada was victorious over France with an extra time goal to take home the bronze from London 2012. Congrats!

This afternoon at 2:45 ET, the United States Women’s National Team takes on Japan in the big rematch of the 2011 Women’s Cup Final from Wembley Stadium!

Good luck to Hope, Heather, Christie, Becky, Kelley, Amy, Shannon, Amy, Heather, Carli, Sydney, Lauren, Alex, Abby, Rachel, Tobin, Nicole, and of course our very own out Olympian Megan and out coach Pia!

Megan Rapinoe Scores Two in Overtime Victory Over Canada


Alex Morgan scored the USA’s 123rd minute goal to send the team to the gold medal match against Japan in London in their semifinal game against Canada.

But in a back and forth match where the USA had to come from behind several times, it was out Olympian Megan Rapinoe who scored the first two goals, one off of a corner kick and the other a strike from distance.

Abby Wambach scored the third equalizer with a penalty kick that was not earned without controversy. Captain Christine Sinclair had a hat trick, scoring all three goals for Canada.

The final match against Japan will be Thursday, August 9 at 2:45 ET on the NBC Sports Network.

Clearly, this is the inspiration for the Olympic soccer ball color palette.

Thursday Happy Hour: The 2012 Olympics Soccer Ball is the Worst Looking Thing Since the Last Thing With the 2012 Olympics Logo


Clearly, this is the inspiration for the Olympic soccer ball color palette.

Never mind the London 2012 logo, which is atrocious all by itself. Did they have to make the official soccer match ball neon blue,  yellow, and pink? Or as the Sounders would call them, super cyan, electric yellow, and um, bubble gum pink. Seriously, this looks like the kind of soccer ball that would come with one of my sister’s Barbies in the 80s. The only upshot of this thing is it’s so ugly it’s going to make players want to kick it even harder.

In other soccer style news, the USA premiered their new away kits during yesterday’s victory over Italy. What do you think?

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