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MLS Jersey Week

MLS Jersey Week 2014: The Gay4Soccer Hangout


MLS Jersey WeekThe new MLS season is upon us and the league’s jersey week has wrapped up with every team adding at least one new offering to their lineup of kits.

This year we did something new for us to review all of the new MLS jerseys. We did a Google+ Hangout On Air to cover them all and give our thoughts. Our panel included Chris in Austin, a Philadelphia Union fan, Teddy in Denver, a Colorado Rapids fan, and Josh in Seattle, a Sounders fan. We were joined by special guest Craig from as a token hockey fan who roots for the Washington Capitals. It was great to get an outsider’s perspective on kit / sweater nerd culture and explain to him why our uniforms say things like “Bimbo” on the front.

I know we all had a lot of fun doing the Hangout and hope you enjoy our chat. We hope to bring you more of these throughout the MLS season covering soccer action both on and off the field and to bring you more great special guests.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Headline MLS All Star Game Week


Macklemore Ryan Lewis MLS All StarBreakout stars Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be headlining festivities in Kansas City’s Power and Light District for the MLS All Star Game later this month.

The socially conscious hip hop artists have already been given the BET Award for Best Group and their chart topping hit “Thrift Shop” won the Billboard Music Award for Rap Song of the Year.

Macklemore has been an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community. The Seattle native recorded his song “Same Love” during the campaign for Washington state’s Referendum 74, that allowed same sex marriage after it was passed last November. “Same Love” was also featured in YouTube’s Pride Month video along with a woman proposing marriage to her partner at a Macklemore show.

Macklemore also is the first recording artist to make a video for the You Can Play Project supporting LGBT athletes, and in his video, performers.

If you’re not in Kansas City, the event will also be streamed at

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“Don’t Cross the Line” to Feature at MLS All Star Game


Major League Soccer announced today that their All Star Game opponents AS Roma will be picking up the mantle of the “Don’t Cross the Line” campaign, and that the initiative will be featured heavily in Kansas City at the end of the month.

Major League Soccer Don't Cross the Line

Don’t Cross the Line kicked off with an anti-discrimination video produced at last year’s All Star Game in Philadelphia. Roma will produce a public service announcement of their own under the theme, taking a lead in Serie A on the issue. “We are proud to take a part in the ‘Don’t Cross the Line’ program alongside Major League Soccer. AS Roma will always be committed to campaigns whose objectives are to reach out to the world of sport on social themes such as the fight against racism and any form of discrimination,” AS Roma President James Pallotta told

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Why I Hate Star Wars Day



I hate Star Wars Day.

Well, not really. If you’re a fan of something and want to celebrate it, bully for you. Towel Day, Fish Fingers and Custard Day, Star Wars Day–if someone comes up with a day to celebrate your sci-fi proclivities, have at it. My problem is Major League Soccer latching on to one of these such days and jamming down our throats for a few weeks of the season. (At least The Doctor likes his footie.)

It’s gimmicky. It reminds us of the days when the Kansas City Wizards danced around to Austin Powers music and the league overly catered to the suburban family who might be out looking for a super-fun day rather than celebrating the game that is being played and the fans that enjoy the match for the match. Nonsense like that Austin Powers video is one of the reasons I was a soccer-hater for so many years.

And will Star Wars Day help grow the game? No, probably not. Is there some Star Wars fan thinking, “Well I’ve never been to PPL Park before, but I heard it’s Star Wars Day so I’ll give it a try?” No. Is there someone pondering, “I’ve never watched soccer on TV before but I’ll tune into NBC Sports Network because I bet Kyle Martino has some killer Chewbacca jokes?” No.

It’s also a bit more than frustrating that Star Wars Day (which won’t grow the game) is this heavy handed league-wide thing and proper LGBT Pride Nights (which will grow the game) are sparse. I know of one on the schedule so far this upcoming season. (By the way, Houston front office, you rock.) Proper LGBT Pride Nights will grow the game by welcoming a group into our stadia that often feels excluded as both participants and spectators for so many reasons from athletics in this country. And yet they are not yet a priority for this league.

Now Major League Soccer, how about you put down your light sabres and work on things that will actually help grow the game in this country. Not having nationally broadcast matches that run until 1 AM Monday morning would be a swell start.


Jimmy Conrad Chivas USA

Jimmy Conrad Tries On Every New MLS Jersey


US Soccer and Major League Soccer alumnus Jimmy Conrad had the opportunity to preview every new MLS jersey for KICKTV on YouTube. Let this tide you over until we conclude our series of new jersey reviews come next week, when we’ll have our views on Seattle, Los Angeles, Chivas USA, and Portland from myself and our writing crew.

Props to him that while getting special access from adidas he isn’t afraid to point out how there doesn’t seem to be anything different about the Red Bulls’ jersey. As he points out in the video, Jimmy Conrad is no stranger to debuting new kits for MLS teams:

Jimmy Conrad Chivas USA

Glad to have MLS coverage back on KICK for the new season!

Testo Rogers

Gay Soccer Player Would be Accepted, MLS Survey Finds


Grant Wahl conducted a preseason survey of MLS players and found that an overwhelming majority said a gay soccer player would be accepted in their locker room.

Wahl, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, spoke with 18 players on the condition of anonymity. He specified on Twitter that while anonymous, these players were veterans and some of the best players in the league, “clubhouse leaders [and] thought influencers.”

The specific question he posed was, “Would a gay player be accepted in your team’s locker room?” 17 players said yes. Only one said no.

I really appreciate the anonymity Wahl allowed the players here. I don’t think we would have gotten the answer of “no” with a fear of wanting to appear politically correct. While Major League Soccer would be a great environment for an out player–and I say the best in the US–it shows we aren’t one hundred percent there yet in all corners of the league and we still have some work to do. That honesty is important to the process and a great reminder of the work ahead.

gay soccer player

David Testo and Robbie Rogers, the only two out MLS alumni, take on opponents.

You can check out all the results of Wahl’s survey at

Amid Uncertainty, LA Galaxy Celebrate MLS Cup Win


CARSON (g4s) – Los Angeles Galaxy invited fans and media Monday evening to celebrate Saturday’s MLS Cup victory over Houston Dynamo. A crowd of 4,000 fans were in attendance to celebrate the club’s fourth league championship and to show their appreciation to a roster that may see significant changes during the off-season.

Fans were treated to speeches from Galaxy Vice President (and former Galaxy star) Chris Klein, Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena, and stars Landon Donovan, Mike Magee, Omar Gonzalez, Robbie Keane and, in what is most likely his last public appearance as a Galaxy player, David Beckham.

The man who helped make Galaxy’s star the brightest in MLS’ constellation, Beckham thanked fans, coach Arena, and his teammates for making his time with Galaxy special. Amid chants of “one more year” – chants encouraged by midfielder Juninho – Beckham re-confirmed that Saturday was his last match in a Galaxy kit, but hinted at his post-playing plans by noting his expectation to remain a part of the club in the future.

The hour-long casual affair was not without surprises, however. Mr. Klein announced to media after the festivities that there would be no post-season tour for the team. As in previous years, a tour seemed like a foregone conclusion – particularly after an MLS Cup victory – but the decision was made earlier in the day to scrap plans for doing so. Mr. Klein noted that players were informed just before the celebration ceremony that they would be experiencing a full off-season for the first time in nearly four years.

That doesn’t suggest the team will be inactive for the next four months, however.

Los Angeles faces a number of obstacles heading into the off-season. Many of Galaxy’s starting roster will certainly invite loan or trade offers from elsewhere – particularly MLS Cup MVP Gonzalez, fellow defender Sean Franklin and Sao Paolo loanee Juninho. In addition to possibly losing  current starters due to their increasing desirability elsewhere, coach Arena has the unenviable task of dowsing the future of his team captain, Landon Donovan.

Donovan, who hasn’t been sparing in expressing his inner turmoil during the latter stages of the season, has kept reporters at arms’ length in the lead-up to the championship final whenever asked about his future with the team – and the sport. It’s Donovan’s desires that will determine whether Galaxy experiences a remodeling leading into 2013 or a complete rebuild.

One man Arena and Los Angeles shouldn’t have to worry about retaining is Robbie Keane. The Irish international and vice-captain has expressed his contentment with living in Los Angeles and playing for Galaxy. It was his leadership – and goals – widely regarded as key to the team’s dominance after the All-Star break. Should Donovan depart Galaxy, Arena has a ready-made captain in Keane to take his place.

And finally, Galaxy face the monumental task of replacing the departing Beckham with a figure who can perform at least to his level on the field – even if he cannot match Beckham’s dominance off of it. Real Madrid midfielder Kaká has been a lightening rod for rumors as of late whenever talk turns to a post-Beckham superstar, but Arena and Galaxy executives have remained coy throughout the weekend when asked if talks were underway.

An unavoidable certainty looms for Los Angeles as they rest and regroup heading into the new year: MLS’ marquee team must be prepared for the 2012-2013 CONCACAF Champion’s League elimination rounds. The team – and the league – grow increasingly expectant of bringing the region’s top club honor to American soil. Like the 2011-2012 tournament, Los Angeles is regarded as a heavyweight contender, but the team will want to avoid a glass-jaw knockout blow like the one it received in last year’s tournament from Toronto FC.

But talk of 2013 can wait… at least for one more night. Los Angeles faithful took advantage of an evening meant to celebrate the 2012 campaign and the men who endured a nightmare start only to bring home silverware for a second consecutive year.


Major League Soccer to Go Purple for Spirit Day


Major League Soccer Spirit DayMajor League Soccer is joining GLAAD in going purple for this year’s Spirit Day on October 19.

Spirit Day is now an annual event to speak out against bullying and show support for LGBT youth through millions of Americans wearing the color purple. It was started in 2010 by high schooler Brittany McMillan who encouraged her friends to wear purple in memory of LGBT youth who have committed suicide. It has since grown to include celebrities, business entities like the New York Stock Exchange, and now sports leagues like Major League Soccer.

The NBA and WNBA are also participating this year. Major League Soccer will feature Spirit day on its social media platforms.

You can take the pledge to participate in this year’s Spirit Day at the GLAAD website.

Now maybe MLS clubs can wear purple armbands that weekend too…


The Facts on Frings


This post appears in its entirety at The MLS Reserves.

Torsten Frings is undoubtedly one of most recognizable figures in Major League Soccer. He’s a well-decorated player whose reputation precedes him, having won domestic league and cup titles in Germany, and winning a bronze medal at the 2006 World Cup. Once a world-class midfielder revered the world over, the Toronto FC fans quickly became enamored with their new potential superstar. They surely believed he’d be able to help lead the club to greatness with his combination of leadership, skill, and experience. Is the fans’ faith in Frings misplaced?

Since his arrival, Frings has just simply failed to deliver. In his “rookie” season in MLS, Frings managed just 1 assist in 13 games. Things haven’t gotten much better for Frings, nor for Toronto FC in 2012. Although scoring twice this season, his two assists as a central midfielder and ultimately the focal point of the entire squad is absolutely abysmal. One might argue that Frings simply isn’t an attacking minded player. While his role is mainly as a defensive midfielder he posted better offensive statistics for every other club he had ever played for, in a league far superior to MLS. Surely he should be succeeding at Toronto, with full backing of the fans, the FO and rarely playing less than 90 minutes a match. Yet there’s one major factor that is overlooked.

Check out the rest of Stephen’s post over at The MLS Reserves.

Major League Soccer to be Part of NBC Sports Live Extra App


Major League Soccer will be one of many sports properties whose events will appear live on the new NBC Sports Live Extra App.

If you already have the NBC Olympics Live Extra App, updates will switch it automatically switch to the overall NBC Sports App starting today.

The info released so far did not say if the app would cover national team games that air on NBC or NBC Sports Network.

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