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LA Galaxy AJ DeLaGarza

Soccer Ally May: LA Galaxy


With 17 new players signing on, last week was an amazing start to our team by team recruitment drive for our Allies List. Can the LA Galaxy keep up the pace?

The Galaxy have a trio of players on the list right now with Colin Clark and A.J. DeLaGarza both signing on at this time of year. DeLaGarza and Omar Gonzalez both also work with Athlete Ally through its Ambassadors program.

How many players from the team who has welcomed Robbie Rogers to their practice field will join them? Help us by asking the players on the list below. We’ll keep an eye on our @gay4soccer handle and #soccerally hashtag for replies. You can also sign on as a fan by signing onto our statement of support on our Fan Allies page.

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Robbie Rogers Returns to the Training Field


Multiple Major League Soccer clubs express an interest in having the winger on their side

Robbie Rogers began his anticipated training stint with the LA Galaxy, leading to further speculation as to his full-time return to MLS and interest from multiple coaches.

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Robbie Rogers Welcome to Train With Galaxy


Robbie RogersIn his print interviews after coming out, Robbie Rogers noted that he would like to train with the Galaxy this summer, much like he did prior to his 2012-13 season in England.

According to the LA Galaxy Insider, coach Bruce Arena did not say if he was approached by Rogers, but he would be welcomed back to training with open arms.

From the Insider:

“He’d always be welcome to train with us,” LA’s head coach said. “I’m in contact with players and people all the time in the game, and I don’t make my conversations or communications public. They don’t need to be. But he’s always welcome to train with us.”

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Amid Uncertainty, LA Galaxy Celebrate MLS Cup Win


CARSON (g4s) – Los Angeles Galaxy invited fans and media Monday evening to celebrate Saturday’s MLS Cup victory over Houston Dynamo. A crowd of 4,000 fans were in attendance to celebrate the club’s fourth league championship and to show their appreciation to a roster that may see significant changes during the off-season.

Fans were treated to speeches from Galaxy Vice President (and former Galaxy star) Chris Klein, Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena, and stars Landon Donovan, Mike Magee, Omar Gonzalez, Robbie Keane and, in what is most likely his last public appearance as a Galaxy player, David Beckham.

The man who helped make Galaxy’s star the brightest in MLS’ constellation, Beckham thanked fans, coach Arena, and his teammates for making his time with Galaxy special. Amid chants of “one more year” – chants encouraged by midfielder Juninho – Beckham re-confirmed that Saturday was his last match in a Galaxy kit, but hinted at his post-playing plans by noting his expectation to remain a part of the club in the future.

The hour-long casual affair was not without surprises, however. Mr. Klein announced to media after the festivities that there would be no post-season tour for the team. As in previous years, a tour seemed like a foregone conclusion – particularly after an MLS Cup victory – but the decision was made earlier in the day to scrap plans for doing so. Mr. Klein noted that players were informed just before the celebration ceremony that they would be experiencing a full off-season for the first time in nearly four years.

That doesn’t suggest the team will be inactive for the next four months, however.

Los Angeles faces a number of obstacles heading into the off-season. Many of Galaxy’s starting roster will certainly invite loan or trade offers from elsewhere – particularly MLS Cup MVP Gonzalez, fellow defender Sean Franklin and Sao Paolo loanee Juninho. In addition to possibly losing  current starters due to their increasing desirability elsewhere, coach Arena has the unenviable task of dowsing the future of his team captain, Landon Donovan.

Donovan, who hasn’t been sparing in expressing his inner turmoil during the latter stages of the season, has kept reporters at arms’ length in the lead-up to the championship final whenever asked about his future with the team – and the sport. It’s Donovan’s desires that will determine whether Galaxy experiences a remodeling leading into 2013 or a complete rebuild.

One man Arena and Los Angeles shouldn’t have to worry about retaining is Robbie Keane. The Irish international and vice-captain has expressed his contentment with living in Los Angeles and playing for Galaxy. It was his leadership – and goals – widely regarded as key to the team’s dominance after the All-Star break. Should Donovan depart Galaxy, Arena has a ready-made captain in Keane to take his place.

And finally, Galaxy face the monumental task of replacing the departing Beckham with a figure who can perform at least to his level on the field – even if he cannot match Beckham’s dominance off of it. Real Madrid midfielder Kaká has been a lightening rod for rumors as of late whenever talk turns to a post-Beckham superstar, but Arena and Galaxy executives have remained coy throughout the weekend when asked if talks were underway.

An unavoidable certainty looms for Los Angeles as they rest and regroup heading into the new year: MLS’ marquee team must be prepared for the 2012-2013 CONCACAF Champion’s League elimination rounds. The team – and the league – grow increasingly expectant of bringing the region’s top club honor to American soil. Like the 2011-2012 tournament, Los Angeles is regarded as a heavyweight contender, but the team will want to avoid a glass-jaw knockout blow like the one it received in last year’s tournament from Toronto FC.

But talk of 2013 can wait… at least for one more night. Los Angeles faithful took advantage of an evening meant to celebrate the 2012 campaign and the men who endured a nightmare start only to bring home silverware for a second consecutive year.

MLS Cup 2012: Brian Ching Talks Retirement


CARSON (g4s) — Much of the media’s attention this week has been focused on the impending departure of LA Galaxy’s David Beckham and possible retirement/departure of his teammate and captain, Landon Donovan.  Lost in that discuss is the uncertain future of another MLS and US National Team mainstay (and gay4soccer #soccerally), Houston Dynamo’s Brian Ching.

Ching took time out of his practice session yesterday to talk about his health, his career plans and ending his career where he “always wanted to be.”

“The little hiccup with Montreal is over and in the past,” said Ching, downplaying the drama that started the season when Dynamo played fast and loose with the expansion draft rules, leaving Ching off of its protected list secure in the assumption that Montreal would pass him over.  What resulted was just short of a hostage situation, with Montreal insisting on playing their new target forward and Houston scrambling to recover a man whose play and fan appeal cemented the team’s reputation with locals when Dynamo relocated (and rebranded) from San Jose nearly seven years ago.

Fortunately for Ching, Houston and Montreal came to a trade compromise and Ching returned to Houston, putting in a solid campaign for his side. Plagued by knee problems throughout his career, Ching played in 30 league matches this year — starting only 13 of them — while notching five goals and five assists.  He acknowledges that it hasn’t been easy.

“I’ve had a lot of injuries over my career,” Ching replied when asked about his physical condition. “To be honest, sometimes I needed a little bit of help to get through games.”

Whether Ching decides to end his playing days after tomorrow’s MLS Cup final, he intends to repay Houston’s loyalty to him in another capacity – plans he says have already been discussed with his team’s front office.

“I definitely want to be a part of of the organization.  I’ve sat down and talked with [Houston Pres of Business Operations] Chris Canetti and they’re going to make room form me.  As far as what that is yet, we’ll wait and see.”

LA Galaxy Logo_0

Soccer Ally May: Los Angeles Galaxy


Our first week of May was a big success. Four days. Four teams without Soccer Allies. And an average of four per team joined up last week.

And, if you want to compare that to the list as it stood a week ago, the player portion of our list grew by fifty percent in just those four days.

There are only two MLS teams left without an ally and today we go after the big Kahuna, the white whale, the LA Galaxy.

Over half the team’s roster is on Twitter, and they represent one of the most cosmopolitan, gay-friendly markets in the country, but yet they stand at zero. Their stadium even hosted an Equality Night last year, but it was a project of Chivas USA.

What gives, Galaxy?

Help us reach out to the many players listed below, asking them to be Allies. Have them tweet back to us or use the #soccerally hash tag.

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LA Galaxy at Toronto FC (3-7-12)

CCL: Late LA Equalizer Costs Toronto


LA Galaxy at Toronto FC (3-7-12)

It only took 20 minutes for Toronto FC to put LA Galaxy in a position they had rarely experienced in their 2011 MLS Cup-winning campaign: On the wrong side of a two-goal differential.

Ryan Johnson and Luis Silva put away two confident strikes to give the hosts a commanding lead over the tournament favorites before a boisterous crowd of 47,568 at Rogers Centre last evening.  The lead poised Toronto to head into next week’s away leg with firm control over their future.

But Los Angeles had other plans and would narrow the lead a little over ten minutes later from a Mike Magee finish.  The visitors would equalize the score in the match’s dying minutes after Landon Donovan slotted home a loose ball left in the penalty area after a David Beckham corner kick.

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Free Beer Movement’s Soccer Valentine


Frankie Hejduk

defender, Los Angeles Galaxy

Why is he FBM’s Soccer Valentine? Hejduk represents everything that is sacred to the FBM. Patriotism, soccer, and beer. A player who tailgates with fans when he’s suspended. A player who snags a beer from the supporters section after a victory. He served his National Team with heart and dedication and won the MLS Cup twice. There very little not to love about this guy. Frankie and I…the perfect Valentines “bro-mance”.

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? We’ll head down to the bar and take in any soccer that’s on the TV and then slam brews until we both pass out.

Our straight ally The Free Beer Movement is on Twitter at @freebeermovemnt and on the web at

Galaxy Kit History (1996-2011)

Jersey Review: Galaxy Unveil 2012 Kit


If there is one thing many of the MLS Original clubs have in common, it is a history of kit design with little continuity and even less tradition.  Los Angeles shares the top spot  on this unfortunate list – alongside Kansas City – with a radical departure in design coming every year or two since their inception.

But the beginning of the Bechkam era (MLS 2.0) coincided with a league-wide push for brand identity and as a result, in the years since, the casual fan can identify the teams around the league using only the clues provided by a color swatch.

And as far as brand identity goes, Los Angeles Galaxy has led the way.  Their all-white home kit with accents of blue and gold is not only recognized by casual soccer fans the world over, but by American soccerphobes as well, an arguably bigger achievement.  On top of that, the Galaxy’s #23 jersey is one of the most-sold jerseys in the world.  In any sport.  Ever.

The Beckham-era Galaxy jersey, love it or hate it, works.

So why does the 2012 version radically depart from it?

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Omar Gonzalez, LA Galaxy

Getting Intimate…With LA Galaxy


One of the great things about MLS – and one of the things that has always been great about MLS – is the fan’s accessibility to their favorite players.  These last couple of years have seen a rapid increase in players – both big-name stars and up-and-comers – take to social media to share their soccer-related thoughts as well as their day-to-day doings. It all comes together to create a product that fans not only support, but also identify with.

The Los Angeles Galaxy – arguably the biggest brand in the league – is no different.  In addition to the hard-working social media folks in the front office whose updates are dispatched morning, day and night, several LA Galaxy players share the Twitterverse with their fans.  This list of accessible players includes two Rookies of the Year and, perhaps leading by example, the team’s captain.  A sublisting of my personal favorites are after the break. read more…

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