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Anton Hysén Wins “Let’s Dance”: The Winning Finale Dances


Beyond the big “It’s Raining Men” show dance, Anton and Sigrid also performed two of their best from the run of “Let’s Dance” 2012.

The sexy, sexy samba:


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Anton Hysén Wins “Let’s Dance”: The Winning Show Dance


Congratulations again to Anton Hysén who with his partner Sigrid Bernsen won “Let’s Dance,” Sweden’s program in the “Dancing with the Stars” franchise.

Here is his winning show dance from the finals, which I will not comment on other than to say click and enjoy.


antonhysen (1)

Anton Hysén Wins Sweden’s Let’s Dance!


Congratulations to Anton and his partner Sigrid Bernsen!

You can check out Anton’s winning show dance here. And fan favorites tango and samba here.

Friday Morning Let’s Dance Final Anton Hysén Dance Party!


Tonight is the final episode of the season of “Let’s Dance,” Sweden’s version of “Dancing With the Stars,” and out soccer player Anton Hysén and his partner Sigrid Bernsen are one of the final two couples. They compete against Swedish actress Molly Nutley. Here is one of last week’s performances that got Anton to this point:


The final episode will be live at 1 PM CT this afternoon.

Anton Hysén Holiday Weekend Friday Dance Party!


Anton Hysén made it through yet another week of Sweden’s “Let’s Dance,” and is down to the last three couples on this season of the show. If he survives tonight, he moves on to next week’s finals.

He wowed the audiences with his jitterbug to “Hound Dog”:


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Friday Afternoon Anton Hysén Dance Party


Out Swedish soccer player Anton Hysén takes to the stage again tonight on Let’s Dance (really, right about now since it’s in Sweden), so let’s take a look at his James Bond-inspired tango that earned him top scores last week:


Let’s Dance Week 3: A Madonna Pasodoble from Anton Hysén

Out Swedish soccer player Anton Hysén earned a standing ovation and a top score with he and his partner Sigrid Bernson’s pasodoble to Madonna’s “Hung Up.” Anton%20Hys%C3%A9n%20-%20paso%20doble

Anton’s success on this show just shows the kind of exposure having an out star can bring to soccer and we’re all proud of him and rooting for him.

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