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Chivas USA – Throwing in the Towel?


It’s been about a month and a half since I’ve written a Chivas USA update here. So first things first, sorry about that. And hello. After a long stint of traveling in August, I thought I’d be back with a nice long post for you guys, talking about the team was finally coming together from the odd but interesting trade of Blair Gavin for Shalrie Joseph that happened at the end of July. And then August actually happened. September has turned into a continuation of the downward spiral of the most goals they’ve allowed in forever. Every time I sat down to write out an update or an opinion post, I came up with nothing cohesive. I’d always wondered how writers came up with great posts when their teams were going through a bad place, and couldn’t have considered it more the past few weeks. Part of it also comes from my inability to watch the games, and to actually see where the team is failing. The rest just comes from me throwing in the towel. Yes, I’ve admitted it early here. But with only 2 draws from 6 games, is there really any way up from here?

Chivas USA

Probably not. I don’t really want to go into the logistics of these losses, except to say that it seems our offensive problems have trickled into the defense. Considering the only minutes I could stomach watching was a portion of the home 2-6 loss against Seattle a few weeks ago. And with only 8 games left of the regular season, all against teams that are making serious playoff pushes, I’m in the camp of doubt here. There really won’t be any way this team will make it into the playoffs. Sure, they are 9 points off a playoff spot and have the games to do it but with the way they’ve been playing? Doubtful.

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Chivas USA’s Monumental May Builds Up to a So-So June


Before the international break, Chivas USA made headlines more times in two weeks than they probably had in a couple of seasons. It started with their 1-0 defeat of cross-town rivals LA Galaxy. The Goats had not beaten the Galaxy in 14 matchups. I’m not sure that many people would even acknowledge it as a rivalry due to its lopsided nature. However, Chivas USA showed a lot of promise in this season leading up to the matchup, while the Galaxy was sputtering. The Goats were able to convert a PK in the second half and go away with a 1-0 win at home. This type of matchup does wonders for confidence, and helped the team get an important away point at New York Red Bulls just 4 days later, and another point against the Seattle Sounders just after that. I won’t get into the details of their continued tendency to give up goals so soon after taking a lead, as I would just be beating on a dead horse.

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Red Bull New York: Welcome to the Silly Season


So, you know that post from yesterday I posted…yeah, that was the calm before the storm…

Yesterday no Major League Soccer club other than the New York Red Bulls decided to start the summer silly season off right with a trade that [insert any phase here]. Seriously, I have gone through every thought from this “is happening” to “this is amazing” and from what I’ve read everyone has done the same but with the dust settling this a good trade.

Oh yeah the trade was Juan Agudelo for Heath Pearce (salary partially paid) + allocation money + 1/3 of the transfer fee when Agudelo goes to Europe.

So let’s look at the positives and negatives of the trade.

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Red Bull New York: Grinding Out Results


So that was unexpected. The flatness of the Galaxy and the amazing commanding of the area by Ryan Meara. While some people have complained about the dullness of the Galaxy game, this is a result business as many euro commentators always remind us. A win is a win no matter what. In this case we were going to the most powerful (on paper) attack in the league to the MLS cup winners and where they were undefeated last year with almost the whole first XI injured. They did what was need to win. They didn’t just park the bus there were lots of attacking runs by New York. Our inexperience defense is doing great, I see lots of bright spots. Ryan Meara is justing getting better and better every game. This is proven by the talk of Rookie of the Year already.

The good part is with Jan Gunnar Solli and Juan Agudelo back, and with Miller and Marquez coming back. The unavailable list is getting shorter and shorter so hopefully the wins with continue to come with some more entertainment. I hope the shutouts continue though. Meara’s confidence is starting to fly off the charts which can only be good for the rest of our season.

I curious how Hans Backe is going to field to team against Houston with the defense doing so well in the past two games but we will see if they won a vote of confidence from Backe or if its back to the bench.


New York Red Bulls: Offensive Power and Inclusive Supporters


Sorry it has taken me a while to write this post from last Saturday’s game but I’ve had a strange week.

The game was a game of two halves: the first was a disorganized mess. The second was just amazing.

I’m not sure what happened in that first half. It was messy and the ball was lost way too easily but with some minor groin strains I’m going to blame that.

The second was seeing all the parts just seem to work. The Kenny Cooper/Thierry Henry front line is just getting crazy. Dax McCarty had what is probably his best half in a Red Bulls shirt. The much maligned Mehdi Ballouchy scored an amazing goal and did our ‘wipeout’ as his goal celebration. So what do we take from this?

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New Season, New Players, Same Old Red Bulls….


Well we got the first loss out of the way in Dallas. At least it wasn’t all bad but about a good 80 minutes of it was.

The Good

Ryan Meara looked really good between the sticks for his first ever pro game. It would have been a much bigger disaster if it wasn’t for him we might have drafted another hometown gem here.

Juan Agudelo got a start which proves that Hans Backe is just keeping him grounded while improving his game so we don’t have a repeat of Jozy Altidore (who by the way is killing it in the Netherlands). I don’t know if he will continue to start next to Henry with our other attacking options. Which brings us to….

Kenny Cooper who came off the bench and scored our only goal. I had a good feeling when the trade happened that he will be a great asset and he is already proving this. I think he will be starting next to Henry unless we get Rodgers over here (any girls want to marry him so he can come to the US).

NBC’s production was great, I was at a bar that was packed and loud so I don’t know how the sound/commentary was but it looked really good.

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Looking Back / Looking Forward with Kevin


Best moment from 2011 – DC away – nothing better then going to our biggest rivals home and winning 4-0.  Then of course that game got even better with the fourth goal being Agedulo’s best goal to date.
The overhead kick if you don’t remember.  If only the reason of the season could have followed suit after that game.

Looking forward to in 2012 – A meaningful trophy, finally.  Or at least not a fiasco that wouldn’t be out of place on a daytime soap happening in the locker room.  I have keep the bar the low with the Red Bulls hope for some sort of normalcy.

Monday Happy Hour: Juan Agudelo + Baby Tiger = AWWWW


Miss going to or watching Saturday’s USWNT victory over New Zealand? The Free Beer Movement does a great photo essay of his trip to Frisco.

I’m jonesing for the 2012 MLS Season even harder after seeing the promo that Sporting KC aired during last night’s Grammy telecast:

And finally, Juan Agudelo feeding a baby tiger may be no big deal to him, but to us it’s all kinds of adorable:

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