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Don't Cross the Line 2013 PSA - YouTube

Major League Soccer: Don’t Cross the Line 2013


Major League Soccer and MLS Works have released the 2013 edition of their “Don’t Cross the Line” PSA campaign with some of the league’s biggest stars participating.

Check it out:

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Jay Demerit tap dances

Jay DeMerit and Jazz Hands!


Jay Demerit tap dancesThe Vancouver Whitecaps are launching a new video series called “Off the Pitch,” and captain Jay DeMerit is the star of the inaugural episode.

The idea is for Whitecaps fans to Tweet their hobbies and jobs to the team, and they will film your favorite player learning a bit about your interest.

Jay DeMerit is the team guinea pig for the project as a member of the front office staff takes him along for a lesson in tap dancing.

Check out Jay and his newly found freestyle tap skills:

What other talents to you want to see from the Whitecaps players?

Jay DeMerit on His NOH8 Campaign Photo Shoot


Jay DeMerit

I had an opportunity to talk to Vancouver Whitecaps defender Jay DeMerit after the MLS All Star Game last week, and I asked him what he thought of his NOH8 Campaign photos that came out just days before, and if he had any words of encouragement for others considering participating:

Alternate audio link: DeMerit

Thanks Jay! And if you want to be as cool as Jay and participate in an upcoming NOH8 shoot, check out their schedule. Stops in MLS cities of DC, Chicago, LA, and Houston are all on the docket!



Jay DeMerit, Jordan Harvey, and Michael Boxall in the NOH8 Campaign


In early May, the NOH8 Campaign made a swing through Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. At their Vancouver stop, Whitecaps defenders and allies Jay DeMerit, Jordan Harvey, and Michael Boxall (now with the Wellington Phoenix) all participated.

The NOH8 Campaign began as a silent protest to Proposition 8 in California, but has continued on since then to stand up for not only marriage, but all human equality.

It’s a great testament to the dedication of these players to the cause of equality that they took the time out of their schedules to be a part of the Vancouver event.

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Soccer Ally List Members Top Several All Star Categories


The latest tally of Major League Soccer 2012 All Star Game fan voting is out and members of our Soccer Allies list top several categories:

  • The top three players in text voting, Jimmy Nielsen, Chris Wondolowski, and Heath Pearce, are all allies.
  • Wondolowski also tops the forwards list in online voting. 
  • Vancouver ally Jay DeMerit is the top defender so far in the online vote.
Fan voting for the MLS All Star Game Starting XI continues through Monday evening with results revealed July 8. Keep voting for LGBT-supportive players!
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Soccer Ally May: Vancouver Whitecaps


It’s our last day of recruitment from MLS teams in May for our Allies List and it’s going to be fun going through all the results over the weekend to report back next week.

Our final team is the Vancouver Whitecaps, who also have a half-dozen allies.

Matt Watson and Brad Knighton both joined the list in February, while Sebastien LeToux became a member in March. In addition to signing on via Twitter, Jay DeMerit and Jordan Harvey were joined by teammate Michael Boxall at the NOH8 Campaign photo shoot in Vancouver this month. Thank you all!

Who will be next? Will our MLS recruitment month end with a bang or a whimper? Help reach out to the players below!

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We’re gay4vancouverdefenders.


Chabala, Lahoud, Braun, Wingert, and Dunseth. These are the American soccer pros who have participated in the NOH8 Campaign prior to this week.

We are immensely proud, happy, and grateful that Vancouver Whitecaps defenders Jay DeMerit, Jordan Harvey, and Michael Boxall all joined them by participating in NOH8 while they were in town this week.

Originally started as a protest to Proposition 8 passing in California, it is now a silent protest working toward LGBT equality in all realms.

NOH8 co-founder Jeff Parshley talked about the project at the shoot Tuesday night:

Thank you Jay, Jordan, and Michael! We look forward to seeing the results!

Stu Holden Spies on Jay DeMerit in the Shower to Everyone’s Delight

Jay DeMerit talked to Jimmy Conrad on KickTV about his defending with the Whitecaps, his artistic chops, and his documentary “Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story.”

The interview includes a bit of one of the bonus features of the DVD, Stu Holden capturing Jay on camera in the shower and joining him for a bit of singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

The full clip from the DVD is after the jump.

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Tuesday Happy Hour: Rub a Dub Dub Jay DeMerit in a Tub


We learned a number of lessons today:

  • We got another history lesson with “Harkes on History” courtesy of The Other 87′s Tuesday Ten.
  • We got a math lesson from our ally Amobi Okugo who discussed balancing his continuing college education with his soccer career with
  • We got an architecture lesson from KCKRS who brings us some photos from inside the construction of Houston’s BBVA Compass Stadium.  
  • Finally, we get a crash course in cuteness from Jay DeMerit who Tweeted a picture of himself and fellow Whitecap Joe Cannon doing some muscle recovery together:

Lee Nguyen’s “fagggggggg” Tweet


We were on a high for so much of the day since when we announced Vancouver Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit joined our Soccer Allies list. But we hit a low at the end of the day when we saw that one of his newest teammates Lee Nguyen called keeper Brad Knighton a “fagggggggg” on Twitter.

He quickly backed off the original Tweet with a series of “jk” but the fact of the matter remains that the word was used and such language is unacceptable from soccer players who so many young fans look up to and emulate. This is the kind of thing that the English FA fines players thousands of pounds for doing.

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