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Houston Dynamo Pride Festival

Houston Dynamo: Doing Pride Right


Houston Dynamo Pride Festival

Major League Soccer’s Houston Dynamo is having a Pride Night once again this year, and once again they are doing an amazing job of it.

Plenty of other teams have been having Pride Nights over the last few years, but the Dynamo blend together a number of elements together in a perfect combination that what they do can be held up as an example for other clubs to follow:

1) Timing. The Dynamo don’t do their Pride in the Park night on a randomly selected date; they do it at a match as close as they can get to Pride Houston’s annual festival and parade. It’s also an official part of the Pride Houston festivities, integrated into everything that goes on throughout the city to celebrate the LGBT community.

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Houston Dynamo Dixon

Soccer Ally May: Houston Dynamo


For the rest of the month we’re hitting teams that already have six or more allies, like the Houston Dynamo. Can those at the top add even more?

Houston has one of the first players on our list, Mike Chabala who was the first soccer pro to pose for the NOH8 Campaign and part of the first MLS You Can Play video. Corey Ashe, Calen Carr, Brian Ching, Warren Creavalle, and Alex Dixon all signed onto the list last season.

Let’s get the players to join them. Ask them on Twitter and have them mention us or the #soccerally hashtag to show their support.
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Houston Dynamo 2011

Houston Dynamo: Jersey Week 2013


The Houston Dynamo were the first out of the gate with an official release for MLS Jersey Week 2013, and their offering is a step back from the 2011 design.

The 2011 home kit for the Dynamo was a stunner, with a patterned fabric much like the center of a sunflower. This year it reverts to a simple matte orange which by comparison is nothing short of boring. The jersey also loses the collar of the last edition, although the team explains that was a comfort consideration for players in the Texas heat.

There are a few nice new touches. I like the Texas flag emblem at the bottom and the diagonal white armbands, but the Houston Dynamo had something special going on with their kits the last few years, and this cycle they’ve turned to just plain blah.

MLS Cup 2012: Brian Ching Talks Retirement


CARSON (g4s) — Much of the media’s attention this week has been focused on the impending departure of LA Galaxy’s David Beckham and possible retirement/departure of his teammate and captain, Landon Donovan.  Lost in that discuss is the uncertain future of another MLS and US National Team mainstay (and gay4soccer #soccerally), Houston Dynamo’s Brian Ching.

Ching took time out of his practice session yesterday to talk about his health, his career plans and ending his career where he “always wanted to be.”

“The little hiccup with Montreal is over and in the past,” said Ching, downplaying the drama that started the season when Dynamo played fast and loose with the expansion draft rules, leaving Ching off of its protected list secure in the assumption that Montreal would pass him over.  What resulted was just short of a hostage situation, with Montreal insisting on playing their new target forward and Houston scrambling to recover a man whose play and fan appeal cemented the team’s reputation with locals when Dynamo relocated (and rebranded) from San Jose nearly seven years ago.

Fortunately for Ching, Houston and Montreal came to a trade compromise and Ching returned to Houston, putting in a solid campaign for his side. Plagued by knee problems throughout his career, Ching played in 30 league matches this year — starting only 13 of them — while notching five goals and five assists.  He acknowledges that it hasn’t been easy.

“I’ve had a lot of injuries over my career,” Ching replied when asked about his physical condition. “To be honest, sometimes I needed a little bit of help to get through games.”

Whether Ching decides to end his playing days after tomorrow’s MLS Cup final, he intends to repay Houston’s loyalty to him in another capacity – plans he says have already been discussed with his team’s front office.

“I definitely want to be a part of of the organization.  I’ve sat down and talked with [Houston Pres of Business Operations] Chris Canetti and they’re going to make room form me.  As far as what that is yet, we’ll wait and see.”


Houston Dynamo Celebrate Pride in the Park Tonight


It’s Pride Week in Houston, and the Dynamo are helping celebrate with Pride in the Park at their game against Toronto FC tonight at BBVA Compass Stadium.

Over 100 fans have already purchased tickets as part of Pride Night, so it’s sure to be an exciting event with the team providing Dynamo-emblazoned Pride beads for fans to keep and toss at this weekend’s parade.

If you have a group of four or more you can contact A.J. O’Rourke at (713) 276-7541 to get tickets in the Pride Night section. Individual seats can be purchased here using the code “LGBT12.”

You can check out the official Pride Houston page for the event here, and check out everyone who’s already going on the event’s Facebook page.

I know I’ll be watching on MLS Live tonight for all the great LGBT fans in the upper deck of the Walker End!


Casting the MLS Musical: Part III


Sorry, Leo. Julie Taymor called. She's going to go with lion puppets instead of guys in lion suits.

Okay, so most of the West is covered, but there’s two “canon” Western Conference teams to go in our round-up, plus one team that’s technically in the East but really shouldn’t be.

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Soccer Ally May: Houston Dynamo


Yesterday Real Salt Lake really blew me away by going from one player to seven on the Soccer Ally list, making them the most well-represented Major League Soccer team.

Today we look at the Houston Dynamo, whose captain Brian Ching joined the list via Twitter last month. And this morning I added Colin Clark to the list.

Who will join them today? Will Houston meet the bar set by Real Salt Lake yesterday and Sporting Kansas City earlier in the month? Help us ask the players below to join the #soccerally list.

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Colin Clark, Soccer Ally


One of the sincerest pleasures I had this weekend in Houston was to meet Dynamo midfielder Colin Clark.

I’m fairly confident I don’t need to recap what happened with Colin almost two months ago in Seattle, but if you need a refresher, you can read about it here.

Soon afterward he sent us this tweet:

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Houston Rolls Out the Orange Carpet to Celebrate BBVA Compass Stadium


(Out) Houston Mayor Annise Parker is honored by the Houston Dynamo

Saturday was a banner day for Houston, the Dynamo, and Major League Soccer with the opening of BBVA Compass Stadium.

The pre-game ceremonies were a beautifully emotional dedication to everyone who made the new home of the Dynamo a possibility, the club’s history, and players past and present.

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Here At Last! Houston Dynamo Prepare to Finally Go Home


The inaugural match at Houston’s long awaited BBVA Compass stadium is right around the corner. The stadium will officially open to Dynamo fans on May 12th when the men in orange take on D.C. United. Dynamo President Chris Canetti must have realized that fans couldn’t possibly wait that long, and the organization hosted back to back events over the past weekend that gave fans a sneak peek inside of the venue.

Colin Rolfe and Calen Carr sign autographs at the Dynamo Team Store Grand Opening

Colin Rolfe and Calen Carr sign autographs at the Dynamo Team Store Grand Opening

The events were kicked off by the grand opening of the official Adidas Team Store at the stadium on Thursday evening. Fans had the opportunity to shop around, and there was an autograph session with the entire 2012 roster. Reception was amazing and Canetti reported that there were a few fans who even camped out over night in order to be the first through the doors. The store itself is breathtaking. Like everything else in BBVA Compass Stadium, it is orange all over. The store features jerseys and scarfs and all of the obligatory merchandise that a soccer fanatic needs, but also features some amazing extras that could only be found in a team store. Dynamo fans can now purchase everything from shot glasses to tank tops to office supplies.


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