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The Number One 2013 gay4soccer Draft Pick


It’s time to recap the countdown so far and finally reveal our number one pick in the 2013 gay4soccer Draft, a ranking based on a panel’s evaluations of the players’ hotness.

Here are the top nineteen:

19. Mikey Lopez, Sporting Kansas City

18. Paolo DelPiccolo, Montreal Impact

17. Kyle Bekker, Toronto FC

16. Fernando Monge, Montreal Impact

15. Korey Kindle, Colorado Rapids

14. Ryan Finley, Columbus Crew

13. Dylan Remick, Seattle Sounders

12. Taylor Kemp, DC United

11. Drew Beckie, Columbus Crew

10. Dylan Tucker-Gangnes, Portland Timbers

9. Don Anding, Philadelphia Union

8. Tommy Muller, San Jose Earthquakes

7. Danchrisandre Delgado, San Jose Earthquakes

6. Erik Hurtado, Vancouver Whitecaps

5. Ryan Hollingshead, FC Dallas

4. Walker Zimmerman, FC Dallas

3. Luis Soffner, New England Revolution

2. Charlie Rugg, LA Galaxy

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The 2013 gay4soccer Draft: Day 6


It’s the penultimate day of our countdown of our favorite hot players from the 2013 MLS SuperDraft. Out of all of the players in the two rounds, we’re nearly wrapped up with our top 19.

After these three, who is your prediction for #1?

4. Walker Zimmerman

  • Draft ZimmermanDrafted by FC Dallas in Round 1, Pick 7
  • Defender, Furman University
  • Generation Adidas player and former captain of the USA U-18 team. 
  • 6’3″ 185 pounds
  • Hometown of Lawrenceville, Georgia

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Draft Delgado

The 2013 gay4soccer Draft: Day 5


We’re in the home stretch for our countdown of our favorite 2013 SuperDraft picks, chosen and ranked by a panel’s determination of their hotness. And while superficial in the ranking, I find that going through this process helps me learn so much about these guys as players as well.

How do you think we’re doing so far in our picks? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

7. Danchrisandre Delgado

  • Draft DelgadoDrafted by San Jose Earthquakes in Round 2, Pick 14
  • Midfielder, University of San Diego
  • A driving force in USD’s 2012 NCAA run and quite possibly the only draft pick to link to his personal Facebook page in his MLS profile.
  • 5′ 11″ 175 pounds
  • Hometown of Escondido, California

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draft Anding

The 2013 gay4soccer Draft: Day 4


With nine down and ten to go, we’re halfway through our countdown of our favorite picks from the 2013 MLS SuperDraft, based on a panel of our writers’ and readers’ opinions. We heard from our #1 from last year Chandler Hoffman yesterday, and one of his new teammates makes the countdown today. Let the top ten begin!

10. Dylan Tucker-Gangnes

  • draft Tucker-GangnesDrafted by Portland Timbers in Round 2, Pick 15
  • Defender, University of Washington
  • Tucker-Gangnes joins former UW teammate Brent Richards, the Timbers’ first homegrown player.
  • 6’3″  190 pounds
  • Hometown of Bainbridge Island, WA

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The 2013 gay4soccer Draft: Day 3


What would happen if a group of people conducted a soccer draft based solely on the hotness of the players? This is the second time we’ve worked to answer that question.

We gathered the opinions of men and women, gay and straight, and compiled it all into a countdown of our top 19 players from both rounds of the MLS SuperDraft. Here are our next three picks:

#13 Dylan Remick

  • draft Dylan RemickDrafted by Seattle Sounders in Round 2, Pick 16
  • Defender, Brown University
  • First Team All Ivy Leage for three years straight
  • 6′ 165 pounds
  • Hometown of Inverness, Illinois

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draft Fernando Monge

The 2013 gay4soccer Draft: Day 2


It’s year two, day two of our now-annual look at the top picks from the Major League Soccer SuperDraft. And by top picks, we mean the ones we found the hottest.

To review how it works, we had a panel of men and women, gay and straight, take a look at all of the picks in the first two rounds of the 2013 SuperDraft and use a compilation of their thoughts to come up with a top 19 countdown that we continue now.

#16 Fernando Monge

  • draft Fernando MongeDrafted by Montreal Impact in Round 1, Pick 18
  • Midfielder, UCLA
  • Member of the US National Beach Soccer Team
  • 5′ 10″ 165 pounds
  • Hometown of San Diego, California

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draft Mikey Lopez

The 2013 gay4soccer Draft: Day 1


It’s back. Last year we took on an experiment after the MLS SuperDraft. What if a group of people conducted a draft with decisions solely on their looks?

This year we repeat the experiment on twice the scale of last year. This year we took all of the players in both rounds of the SuperDraft and had a panel of men and women, gay and straight, take a look at them and give their opinions as to the draft picks’ hotness factor.

Our countdown of the top 19 draft picks begins now.

#19 Mikey Lopez

draft Mikey Lopez

  • Drafted by Sporting Kansas City in Round 1, Pick 14
  • Midfielder, University of North Carolina
  • Generation Adidas, 2011 ACC Freshman of the Year
  • 5′ 8″ 160 pounds
  • Hometown of Dallas, Texas

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