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David Testo Utah Pride

David Testo and Real Salt Lake Do Utah Pride

David Testo Utah Pride


“Join the Pride” is a mantra for Real Salt Lake that played itself out over the weekend as the club supported Utah Pride and its Grand Marshal David Testo.

Testo is the first Major League Soccer alumnus to come out of the closet as well as the first out man to be elected to the US Soccer Athletic Council. He serves on the board of the You Can Play Project, too. He told Utah Pride:

I’m very honored and proud to be a part of such a special event like Pride in Utah. For me it is special because I know where the country stands right now and it’s a very pivotal moment for LGBT people. The movement we are trying to create towards equality is like a snowball turning into an avalanche and Salt Lake City is a place where this message is so important. I hope I can help whoever needs it, be an inspiration for others, and spread the word of equality and acceptance.

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David Testo Montreal Impact

David Testo Honored as Past Montreal Impact Champion

David Testo Montreal Impact

David Testo on Facebook

The Montreal Impact had their home opener this past weekend, and out alumnus David Testo was honored as captain of their 2009 USL championship-winning team.

As part of celebrations for the club’s twentieth anniversary, the team wore their new third kits that are a nod to past and held a pregame ceremony featuring players from their three championship seasons prior to joining Major League Soccer.

David Testo came out of the closet in the fall of 2011 soon after being released by the Montreal Impact as they worked to transition from NASL to MLS. He has often cited not being able to thank his partner has he captained his team to the championship as one of the most difficult points in his life as a closeted athlete.

Also honored were Testo’s teammates Matt Jordan, Rocco Placentino, Eduardo Sebrango, and Patrick Leduc, as well as António Ribeiro who won the 2004 USL Championship and multiple Voyageurs Cups with the Impact and John Limniatis who was on their 1994 APSL Championship team.

The Impact went on to defeat Toronto FC 2-1, continuing their perfect early season.

Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out Day


Coming Out DayToday is National Coming Out Day. If there is someone in your life dealing with the struggle that is coming out to friends, family, and coworkers as an LGBT person, give them some love and support today.

Here are some coming out resources that may be a help to them or you:

Share with them the stories of those in the American soccer community who have come out since last year’s National Coming Out Day:

November 2011: David Testo, former Columbus Crew and Montreal Impact midfielder

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David Testo Throws Out First Pitch at Blue Jays Game


David Testo Yunel EscobarDavid Testo threw out the first pitch at Thursday night’s Toronto Blue Jays game, the first home appearance of Yunel Escobar after a suspension for homophobic messages on his eye black.

Escobar displayed the message “Tu ere maricon” and was suspended for three games, and was given a $82,000 fine that was donated to GLAAD and the You Can Play Project. Prior to his return to his home field, he met with out distance runner Jose Estevez, along with You Can Play Founder Patrick Burke.

Testo threw out the ceremonial first pitch of the game to shortstop Escobar.

David Testo is also the subject of a long form profile featured on SBNation Friday.

David Testo

David Testo Goes In Depth with SBNation


David TestoOut soccer player David Testo sat down with Leander Schaerlaeckens for an immensely comprehensive profile for It’s part of a new emphasis on long-form sports writing as part of the site’s new look.

Scaerlaeckens spent three days in Montreal with Testo to get rare insight into the life of the first former Major League Soccer player to come out of the closet.

It’s an amazing read that you can check out at SBNation, but here are the points that stood out for me:

  • David Testo struggled growing up gay in an area where he was taught being gay is an abomination, at times going to extreme lengths to hide who he was.
  • He details his relationship with MTV reality star Shane Landrum, and getting caught by fellow college athletes with him.
  • Perhaps the most candid parts are about his life as a pro player, falling for teammates, masking his sexuality, and self-medicating with alcohol.
It really is an immensely in-depth long form piece that I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of here. It’s more than well worth a read at SBNation.

David Testo Serves as Honorary President of Montreal Pride


Go David!

He told Canada’s CTV about his coming out:

I wanted to stand up and be a leader and be a role model for the other ones who might be struggling with the same thing…[Montreal] is where I feel the most comfortable. I come from a little place in North Carolina where they don’t have this type of event and community. So for me, it makes sense to be here.

Testo served as the Pride Festival’s honorary president and English-language spokesperson this past weekend.

(More including video from CTV, and David also spoke with the Montreal Gazette)

(Montreal Pride)

David Testo Honored as Montreal Pride Trailblazer


As part of last week’s International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), Montreal Pride honored six people and organizations as Trailblazers, including soccer player David Testo.

(Montreal Pride)

David was among those honored for defending the civil rights of LGBT Quebecois.

(full story with more photos: Montreal Gazette)

David Testo, Ambiente Magazine

Tuesday Happy Hour: The Swimsuit Issue


David Testo, Ambiente Magazine

Ah yes, it’s that time of the winter when Sports Illustrated releases their annual Swimsuit Issue and late night talk shows and morning “news” shows become overrun with skimpily-dressed models. Soccer fans’ Twitter feeds have been particularly flooded with Swimsuit Issue chatter with the USWNT’s Alex Morgan donning only body paint for a feature in the magazine.

So for those of us not particularly interested in seeing bikini-clad women everywhere we look during SI’s annual media blitz, we bring you our swimsuit gallery after the jump.

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Monday Happy Hour: What Were the World’s Gay Soccer Players Up to This Weekend?


Both Anton Hysén and David Testo were out and about this weekend — and there are some very nice pictures documenting their activities — so we recap what they were up to after the jump.  read more…

Bravo Canada, let's get one of these hung at USA matches.

Monday Happy Hour: The Week in Gay Soccer


Bravo Canada! Let's get one of these hung at USA matches.

For Monday’s Happy Hour we’re simply bringing you some notable gay soccer stories from the past week:

In Tennessee, an outspoken out youth soccer player has blogged about how a bill being considered in their legislature is the cause  for a teen suicide. (Outsports)

BBC Three in the UK is airing a documentary on homosexuality in football tonight. Anton Hysen is featured in it and QPR’s Joey Barton speaks out for change revealing he has a gay uncle.  (The Daily Mail, H/T Brian Dunseth)

Chicago’s Windy City Times did an interview with out former MLS and NASL player David Testo. (Windy City Times)

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