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Soccer Ally May: Houston Dynamo


Yesterday Real Salt Lake really blew me away by going from one player to seven on the Soccer Ally list, making them the most well-represented Major League Soccer team.

Today we look at the Houston Dynamo, whose captain Brian Ching joined the list via Twitter last month. And this morning I added Colin Clark to the list.

Who will join them today? Will Houston meet the bar set by Real Salt Lake yesterday and Sporting Kansas City earlier in the month? Help us ask the players below to join the #soccerally list.

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Colin Clark, Soccer Ally


One of the sincerest pleasures I had this weekend in Houston was to meet Dynamo midfielder Colin Clark.

I’m fairly confident I don’t need to recap what happened with Colin almost two months ago in Seattle, but if you need a refresher, you can read about it here.

Soon afterward he sent us this tweet:

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Yet Another Setback for the Houston Dynamo

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On April 15th the men in orange take on the Chicago Fire after consecutive bye weeks. Due to unrelated suspensions, the Dynamo knew they would be without starting midfielders Adam Moffat and Colin Clark. Then, with a definite blow to morale, the team announced that Brad Davis had been injured. This announcement brought back memories of the 2011 MLS Cup. In the semi-final against Sporting Kansas City, Davis went down late in the game. The Dynamo went on to beat Sporting Kansas City, but had to face the Los Angeles Galaxy without their star midfielder. The Dynamo ultimately fell to the Galaxy, and many fans believe the deciding factor in that game was the loss of Brad Davis.

Now at the start of the 2012 season fans are reeling from the surprise loss. While Davis’ injury is minor, the loss of his presence on the pitch is immense. There is no question that there can be no replacement for Davis, but this could be a good opportunity for Dominic Kinnear to test the depth of his midfield talent. In the face of this adversity, what will the Dynamo do? It is safe to assume that left back Corey Ashe will be shifted up to the midfield, and the resulting hole in the back line will be filled with Jermaine Taylor. As far as the midfield goes, Kinnear will have to find depth with the loss of three out of four starting players. Luis Camargo is expected to be game fit and would be a good attacking midfielder to see on the pitch. Rookie Alex Dixon had an impressive start late last season and could also see some playing time this weekend. Je Vaughn Watson and Nathan Sturgis may also get opportunities to step up for La Naranja this weekend, however Sturgis is more likely to be used as a substitution. Ultimately the Dynamo will need to see a strong back line led by Geoff Cameron and Bobby Boswell paired with good finishing up front in order to get another road win when they take on the Chicago Fire this Sunday.

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Dynamo Face Controversy From All Sides


On the heels of the Houston Dynamo’s first loss of the season to the Seattle Sounders, the Dynamo find themselves facing multiple suspensions and a civil lawsuit. If you have been keeping up with our coverage of the Colin Clark incident, you should already know that Clark has been suspended for three games, was fined an undisclosed amount and will complete additional sensitivity training. It is now being reported that midfielder Adam Moffat will also be fined and suspended for one game for a reckless challenge on Sounders Midfielder Osvaldo Alonso in the 35th minute of the game.

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Colin Clark

Call Off the Torches and Pitchforks on Colin Clark


A week ago, Colin Clark did, well, if you don’t know you have been living under a rock. In the past week, we have seen all parties operate properly.

Colin Clark (according to reports) – right after the game went to the ball boy to apologize in person, apologized on Twitter within hours of the end of the game, and then accepted his punishment with remorse over his actions.

MLS – took down the video as a kneejerk reaction, took a few days to figure the right course of action, then gave out a perfect punishment with a statement that shows MLS will not standard for homophobic actions and words.

In addition, this is the first time a major league athlete has ever been suspended solely for homophobic actions or words. John Rocker went off about everyone and everything. Kobe Bryant was just fined. In addition, a 3 game ban in most soccer leagues is seen for extreme behavior hence why its the standard punishment for a very violent act on the field.

With all of that said, I am tired of trolling gay media sites and reading articles and comments that are SO off base its shocking.

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Reaction to MLS Disciplining of Clark Overwhelmingly Positive


Jeremiah Oshan, SB Nation: “Let it be said that Major League Soccer got it right when it suspended Colin Clark three games, fined him an undisclosed amount and ordered him to attend sensitivity training after he yelled a homophobic slur at a ball boy in the 8th minute of the Houston Dynamo’s game against the Seattle Sounders on Friday. Let it also be said that he reacted appropriately by accepting the punishment.”

Aaron McQuade, GLAAD: “This action by MLS, and the corresponding statements from the Dynamo and Clark add up to one of the strongest statements against the use of anti-LGBT slurs we’ve seen in the sports world. Clark is believed to be the first major American pro athlete to be suspended for anti-gay actions since John Rocker more than a decade ago.”

Steve Davis, NBC Sports’ ProSoccerTalk: “MLS commissioner Don Garber needed to send a crystal-clear message and he certainly did: Be publicly reckless and unenlightened and your own risk.”

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gay4soccer Poll: MLS Disciplining of Colin Clark


Yesterday, the MLS Disciplinary Committee suspended the Houston Dynamo’s Colin Clark for three games, plus a fine and mandated diversity training for using a gay slur against a ball boy in their game against Seattle Friday night.

If you think the punishment is too lenient or too harsh, let us know why in the comments.

MLS’ Response to Colin Clark’s Outburst – Our Reaction


MLS sent a strong and appropriate message today that homophobic language is unacceptable in our league.

In what may be a first in over a decade for professional sports leagues in America, Colin Clark was suspended three games in addition to an undisclosed fine and mandated education. This consequence is appropriate for the severity of the language that Clark used. Recent high-profile incidents of a similar nature carried a fine, but no suspension related to the comments made.

Our Houston correspondent Ayla reacted: “I think that it’s absolutely appropriate, and as a Dynamo fan, the three game suspension is not overkill in my opinion. Also I’m glad that he made an official statement and didn’t just let the twitter apology be the end of it.” Clark’s statement was part of the announcement from MLS, which they didn’t shy away from at all and put front and center on their website.

It’s a proud day to be a GLBT or allied MLS fan, to be a part of a community that isn’t afraid to be progressive and tackle the issue of homophobia head on.

We hope to be an aid as the League and the Dynamo work through this particular incident, and to be a part of working together in various ways to eradicate this sort of language from the game.


Colin Clark Suspended Three Games, Undisclosed Fine, Sensitivity Training


Statements from the report:

Don Garber:

Major League Soccer will not tolerate this type of behavior from its players or staff at any time, under any circumstances. Colin Clark has expressed sincere remorse for his actions and I believe that he will learn from this incident.

Colin Clark:

I am sorry about what happened during the Seattle match. I have personally apologized to the ball boy, and I want to take this chance to say I’m sorry to everyone that I’ve offended. I intend to never use those words again in any context. There is no excuse for them. What I said does not properly represent who I am or what I believe. I made a mistake that I truly regret. I accept the punishment that has been handed down by MLS, and I want to learn from this incident and move forward.

Houston Dynamo:

Colin Clark made a regrettable and inexcusable mistake for which he is being disciplined. We accept and support the punishment that has been laid out by MLS and look forward to moving beyond it. We know that this incident is not a true representation of Colin’s character or beliefs and that he is remorseful for what happened. He has a strong record of being a community leader and expect that he will use this as a learning and teaching opportunity in the future.

The Slur Heard Around The League – Some Dynamo Fans’ Views


When I went out of town this weekend and put the Houston Dynamo versus Seattle Sounders game on my DVR list, I never expected to come home to this game. I knew that the Dynamo lost and that Colin Clark said something controversial, but I didn’t look into it immediately. Instead I decided that I would wait and watch it myself. In hindsight I should have clicked on those news links because I was beyond unprepared for what I heard.

Personally, as a Dynamo fan and season ticket holder, I was immediately embarrassed. In all of the seasons that I’ve been a fan I have never heard anything so thoughtless come out of a players mouth, which says a lot considering all of the things Bobby Boswell has said in anger. In all seriousness though, I have a lot of faith that Dominic Kinnear came down on him. I know we haven’t heard anything official, but Kinnear is known to hold each player responsible for their actions and words on the pitch, and I hope this situation is no different. I also hope that the fans will hold him responsible for his actions. While Colin Clark wears our crest over his heart he represents every single one of us in his words and his actions and to me this is unacceptable.

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