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Chivas USA: Jersey Week 2013


chivas usa awayHaven’t Chivas USA fans had a hard enough time with attendance issues and losing games? Why toss a boring jersey on the pile of embarrassments?

They’re blue. It has faint stripes that you can see if you’re standing a foot away from a player. There’s not much to say about them beyond that.

There’s a cool second crest that’s a nod to Los Angeles, but it’s on the back, and it’s just a reminder of what could be if the team rebranded and became more California-centric. Now that would be awesome: a team with the California bear as a major part of its branding.

It’s almost as if Major League Soccer purposely had teams schedule their jersey launches so that the week would be book-ended with the worst new offerings out there.


Casting the MLS Musical: Part I


The gayest night of the year is approaching really, really quickly. That’s right, boys and girls, it’s time for the Tony Awards. I could write a post about which MLS forwards are the best “actors” in the league, but I decided that wasn’t interesting enough (winner: Will Johnson. Putz.). So instead, I’ll present to you over the next several days the MLS Musical. I’ve picked out which Broadway show best represents each MLS team and my reasoning for that pick.

But first, a quick vocal warmup:

Everybody in tune? Great, here we go:

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Soccer Ally May: Chivas USA


Yesterday a hat trick of DC United players joined the Allies list, bringing the number of new list members just from our day-by-day efforts this month to 40.

Today we backtrack a bit, because through yesterday’s trades, Chivas USA dropped from three allies on the list to only one. As one of the most out front players as part of the team’s Equality Night last year, we’ve considered goalkeeper Dan Kennedy an ally since the list started:

So with Pearce off to New York and Lahoud off to Philadelphia, who will join Kennedy? Help us recruit the players below and ask each to become a #soccerally

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Red Bull New York: Welcome to the Silly Season


So, you know that post from yesterday I posted…yeah, that was the calm before the storm…

Yesterday no Major League Soccer club other than the New York Red Bulls decided to start the summer silly season off right with a trade that [insert any phase here]. Seriously, I have gone through every thought from this “is happening” to “this is amazing” and from what I’ve read everyone has done the same but with the dust settling this a good trade.

Oh yeah the trade was Juan Agudelo for Heath Pearce (salary partially paid) + allocation money + 1/3 of the transfer fee when Agudelo goes to Europe.

So let’s look at the positives and negatives of the trade.

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A Whole Lot of Question Marks for Chivas USA


If you’ve been trying to follow my posts about Chivas USA on here this season, and are disappointed by the lack of updates, well, two things: 1) I apologize and 2) Looking at the results, can you blame me?

While Chivas USA got off to a decent start, their current form seems to have brought fans to an all too familiar place. Three straight losses has put the team in second to last place in the Western Conference with 9 points in 9 games played. They still have not won at home.

Small silver lining: they finally scored their first goal at home this season last weekend in a 2-1 loss to the Chicago Fire. Another interesting stat: the goal was off a penalty, the first one given to the team since August 2010. However, with a last-minute goal by Marco Pappa, many Chivas USA fans left the match with the “different game, same story” attitude. To be quite honest, it’s the same attitude that has been plaguing my mind for the past month.

What exactly is wrong? It is difficult to pinpoint. The team tends to be strong in defense. Relatively of course, considering the losses they’ve undergone. Most goals scored against them have not been until the waning moments of the game. So would that lead to lack of focus? Sure. The two paired together brings about the horrid defensive lapses that have led to all of the losses, a majority of which were games that ended 1-0. We could also discuss play at the other end. The team builds up well, yet continuously struggles in finishing. The play seems to tighten in the finishing third and the team loses their creativity that built up to the scoring opportunities.

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Houston Dynamo Logo_0

Houston Dynamo Win on the Road and Prepare for New Home


The Houston Dynamo captured a big win against Chivas USA at The Home Depot Center this weekend. The Dynamo, who made it all the way to the MLS Cup Finals last season, have not won their first game of the season since 2006.

It looked like the Dynamo would walk away scoreless in their first regular season match of 2012 when the game remained scoreless at the end of 90 minutes. It was Andre Hainault who notched the game winner in stoppage time to help the Dynamo walk away with three points. Hainault, who was married last November (boo!), is no stranger to scoring goals. Hainault scored three goals last season, with two of those goals coming in the Dynamo’s post season playoff run.

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Looking Back / Looking Forward with Rachna


I have two favorite soccer moments from 2011 – first, introducing MLS and Chivas USA to my friends and turning some of my closest friends into big fans. Second, being able to go to the France v USMNT match at the Stade de France, which was UNBELIEVABLE!!! I’mlooking forward to a better season for Chivas USA in 2012, and both of our teams bringing home gold from the Olympics!


Rachna’s Soccer Valentine


Zarek Valentin

defender, Montreal Impact

Why is he Rachna’s Soccer Valentine? He’s the perfect package! Funny, cute, great soccer player, style and swag. If you’ve seen his Generation Adidas video blogs or listened to his podcasts on U.S. Soccer, you’ll really see just how personable he is. How can you not want him as your VALENTIN?!

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? I’m not picky, but since Titanic is his favorite movie, maybe watching that whilst eating Oreos.

Our Chivas USA writer Rachna is on Twitter at @rachnakk

Great Deal: Chivas USA Season Tix


LA-area MLS fans: Chivas USA has partnered with Groupon to offer the following deal:

Full-Season SIDELINE seats: $140!

Offer expires on February 13.

In addition, one of our favorite SGs, Black Army 1850, has season tix at $135. Tickets for the supporters’ group are available until sold out.

If you haven’t hopped on the MLS bandwagon, this is a great opportunity to do so on the cheap and I highly suggest you take advantage of it!

Friday Happy Hour: Best of the Week

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