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Two Days To Go (Or, Can You Smell The CONCACAF?)


It’s the day that most TFC supporters (like myself) have been waiting for — and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. In two days, 45,000 will be packing the Skydome (or Rogers Centre, if you so prefer) for the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals.

While it’s going to be understandable that some in the audience (you know who you are) who will be looking at Beck’s assets instead of the match itself, TFC’s supporters’ groups are already promising an all-out display in the stands to help the Reds leave for LA with an advantage. While I won’t give anything away, all I can say is…whatever you’ve seen from the TV from BMO, was child’s play.

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Friday Happy Hour: Best of the Week

Italy v USA - International Friendly

USA Finds Winning Blueprint Against Azzurri


A lot of soccer-savvy people say results don’t matter in friendlies. It’s all about the quality of the play and the individual performances – worry about results when something’s on the line. But for the US team, something’s always on the line – respect. The under-appreciated bunch has played pretty in plenty of losses under Klinsmann; but in finally putting together a string of positive results has perhaps found its foundation in a staunchly organized structure and a pragmatically opportunistic attacking mentality.

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Texian Army Statement Reveals New Details on Dynamo Supporters Groups Bans


The Texian Army has released a statement in regards to the recent sanctions against Dynamo Supporters Groups. Before I get to the issues that they have addressed within their statement, I would like to applaud the Texian Army for putting together such a poignant and well worded statement. Their words come in stark contrast to those of Miguel Sada, a co-founder of El Batallon, who seemed to have spoken too quickly and with too much anger. It is clear that the Texian Army work diligently to provide a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere at Dynamo games. I truly hope that Major League Soccer takes notice of their wonderful statement and reinstates Supporters exemptions as soon as possible.

The group addresses some key issues that have thus far been left unanswered. On Monday rumors of full and half season bans began spreading like wildfire throughout the Dynamo fan community. The Texian Army have confirmed these rumors.

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Clearly, this is the inspiration for the Olympic soccer ball color palette.

Thursday Happy Hour: The 2012 Olympics Soccer Ball is the Worst Looking Thing Since the Last Thing With the 2012 Olympics Logo


Clearly, this is the inspiration for the Olympic soccer ball color palette.

Never mind the London 2012 logo, which is atrocious all by itself. Did they have to make the official soccer match ball neon blue,  yellow, and pink? Or as the Sounders would call them, super cyan, electric yellow, and um, bubble gum pink. Seriously, this looks like the kind of soccer ball that would come with one of my sister’s Barbies in the 80s. The only upshot of this thing is it’s so ugly it’s going to make players want to kick it even harder.

In other soccer style news, the USA premiered their new away kits during yesterday’s victory over Italy. What do you think?

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Looking Back / Forward with Tommy


Favorite Moment, 2011:

Saturday, June 26, 2011

LA Galaxy
San Jose Earthquakes

Summary: A Beckham- and Donovan- less Galaxy squad find themselves goalkeeper-less right before halftime… and down a man to boot.  Normal starter (and now Montreal netminder) Donovan Ricketts suffers a broken arm halfway through the first half and is replaced by his backup, Josh Saunders, who himself is shown a red card shortly before halftime.  It’s tough to explain what exactly happened, so just watch it for yourself:

But this series of events was one of the best things to happen to Los Angeles all year.  Here’s why: read more…

Fans React to Dynamo Supporters Groups Sanctions


The sanctions against the Dynamo Supporters Groups announced on Monday have been widely speculated about throughout the soccer community. I’d like to take a brief moment to introduce the Dynamo Supporters Groups in an effort to bring more understanding to the debate. The Dynamo have four major Supporters Groups: The Texian Army, El Batallon, La Bateria and Brickwall. Each group is unique, yet they all come together on game days and lead chants throughout the stadium. The sanctions affect all four of these groups.

Many of the chants lead by the Supporters Groups include profanity. Miguel Sada, the same Supporters Group leader that announced the sanctions on Monday, defended those chants and other unsafe practices by stating on his Twitter:

For Groups who are attempting to get their exemptions back, Sada’s words come across as unaffected, rude and careless.

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USA Women 5 – Denmark Women 0

USA Men 1 – Italy Men 0

USA U-23 Men 2 – Mexico U-23 Men 0

It’s a good day to be an American soccer fan.

Wednesday Happy Hour: Jay DeMerit Caught in Bed with a (Gummi) Bear!


Just a quick one today, as our heads have been in the USA vs. Italy game all afternoon. The Whitecaps’ Jay DeMerit continues to be a source of Twitter photo gold as he finally got his paws on the five-pound gummi bear he’s had his eye on the last few weeks:

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Looking Back / Looking Forward with Jorge


My favorite moment for the Portland Timbers in 2011 had to be the match against Chicago Fire — the home opener in Jeld-Wen Field. That was probably the best moment from start to finish because in the very beginning you had the Timbers Army sing the National Anthem as fans which is almost unheard of.  On top of that they won the game as well seeing that was their first win of the season.

In 2012 I am looking forward to our squad doing better than what they did last year. With all our pick ups and what we have done so far in the preseason — along with the passion our players have — I cannot wait to have that home opener against the Philadelphia Union. I want to see a better defense but also have  fierce strikers go and scare the living bejeesus out  of the opponents’ defenses (especially against our Cascadian rivals Vancouver and Seattle).
Our Portland Timbers writer Jorge is on Twitter at @jrod2589
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