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The gay4soccer 2012 End of the Season Superlatives


gay4soccer superlativesIt’s nearly playoffs time for Major League Soccer, and nominations for the various end of the season awards from the league are beginning to be revealed. But here at gay4soccer we don’t want to look at the traditional best players at each position, and other best of awards the league gives out officially.

We want to know who has the best butt in American soccer (among other things) in true yearbook senior superlative style.

Nominations can be from anywhere in North American soccer: Major League Soccer and other leagues, or men’s and women’s national teams.

And while there is plenty of silliness in our list, at the top is our first ever Ally of the Year Award.

So help us out in the next week by nominating your favorite players for awards. You can nominate in as few or as many categories as you’d like, and can even do the form twice if you have multiple ideas for one category. As we go through nominations, voting, and revealing the winners, we hope this is a fun process for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The nominations process is now closed. Voting will commence Monday, October 29.

Ally Week 2012: The Timbers Army


Ally WeekIt’s Spirit Day, the final day of Ally Week 2012 where allies wear purple to show support of bullied LGBT youth.

We wrap up Ally Week with some thoughts from the Timbers Army, the supporters group for MLS’ Portland Timbers:

Timbers Army PrideThe Timbers Army is an open and accepting group to everyone no matter race, height, weight, hair color or sexual orientation. People are people and we believe in accepting people how they are with no preconditions. The diversity in the Timbers Army helped shape and form what the Timbers Army is today. We believe every person worldwide should be guaranteed the same rights as everyone else. We believe in embracing the differences in everyone. If you’re different then quite literally so the fuck what? Everyone is a valuable person and should be guaranteed equal rights as guaranteed under the Constitution. The Timbers Army does not believe that diversity is a bad thing. We accept everyone and embrace everyone.

Discrimination is not right and in 2012 it is a relic of a bygone era. Discrimination and homophobia have no place in 2012 and from here on out. We are allies of the LGBT cause because we love our friends and family who identify as LGBT. We embrace them as family because that’s what they are. We love everyone no matter what. Nothing makes us feel better than reassuring anyone in the game of supporting their club or playing for their club that their sexual orientation literally means fuck all to us. We care about the person and love the person. What we don’t accept is hatred and intolerance, or people who promote them. Zero tolerance for intolerance.

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Amobi Okugo Ally week

Ally Week 2012: Amobi Okugo


Ally WeekAlly Week, a celebration of straight allies who stand up for the LGBT community, wraps up tomorrow with Spirit Day.

Today we get thoughts from Philadelphia Union defender and US U-23 team member Amobi Okugo:

Amobi Okugo Ally weekI’m an ally because I support the cause and like what this group is doing to raise awareness in the sports community. One of my best friend’s brothers is gay and he dealt with that by hiding his personality just to fit in with the soccer team he played on. I know how hard it was for him so when I saw this chance, I said ‘why not’. . . .An ally to me means that I should set an example and practice what I preach in terms of treating everyone the same way.

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Ally Week 2012: Jeb Brovsky


Ally WeekAlly Week 2012 continues, started by GLSEN in 2005 and now a yearly time to honor and celebrate those straight allies who stand up for the LGBT community. So far we’ve heard from Alexi Lalas and Lance Parker on why they are allies.

Today we hear from Montreal Impact defender Jeb Brovsky. Off the pitch Jeb founded Peace Pandemic, a worldwide project empowering youth by uniting children from different backgrounds through soccer.

I’m an LGBT Ally because I strongly believe in the equal rights of all human beings and I think people should be able to love whomever they choose. I have many friends and family in the LGBT community and I wholeheartedly support and celebrate their lives. Being an Ally, to me, means taking a firm stance on the side of promoting social acceptance of the LGBT community. As athletes we can show the youth by example that homosexuality is not a stigma, human defect or any of the prejudicial and hateful words attributed to it by dogmatists and other biased groups.

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Jordan Harvey: Off the Pitch and Up in the Air


Jordan HarveyThe Vancouver Whitecaps kicked off their Off the Pitch web series with captain Jay DeMerit learning some tap dance moves. They continue with defender and soccer ally Jordan Harvey taking to the skies with some beginner pilot lessons.

The idea of the Off the Pitch series is to pair Whitecaps players with fans who have a unique talent or career to share.

Jordan Harvey is the second brave participant, taking the controls of a small aircraft along with Whitecaps fan Kristjan Aug. And it’s all done to a Loggins-esque soundtrack complete with Berlin’s classic Top Gun Ballad.

Now, if you guys want to go full-on Top Gun, maybe shirtless beach volleyball can make an appearance in a future installment.

You can read more about Jordan Harvey’s flight and the Off the Pitch series at the Caps website.

Lance Parker

Ally Week 2012: Lance Parker


Ally WeekIt’s Ally Week, started by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network to celebrate those straight allies who stand up for the LGBT community. Yesterday we featured Alexi Lalas, and in his own words why he’s an ally.

Today in Ally Week we hear from Lance Parker. If you aren’t already aware of Lance, he’s the goalkeeper for NASL’s Edmonton FC, a model on the side, and the nominee from Oklahoma for Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2012 Bachelor of the Year contest.

Here’s what Lance said about being an ally:

Lance ParkerI’m a LGBT Ally because I feel that it is a good group to be a part of. Everyone that is a part of it cares about the equality of people and wants anyone, regardless of their background, to be able to enjoy watching and playing the beautiful game of soccer. Being an Ally means accepting people for who they are, not judging anyone, and being supportive to those that are having a hard time and may be struggling with being LGBT. It also means trying to get rid of any discrimination or hate that may be revolving around the sport of soccer.

I think that statement deserves a hearty endorsement to Vote for Lance!

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Ally Week 2012

Ally Week 2012: Alexi Lalas


Ally Week

Today is the first day of Ally Week, an annual observance of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network since 2005. It’s a time to identify, support, and celebrate LGBT allies, so we’re going to do the same this week here at gay4soccer. We’ve asked some of our allies why they are an ally, and what being an ally means to them.

First up is ESPN analyst, former USMNT defender, and the red headed half of the Big Head Red Head podcast Alexi Lalas:

The beauty of soccer is that anyone can enjoy it. It’s is the most inclusive sport in the world. I’m a proud Ally because as our world changes it’s important that soccer continues to be a sport that welcomes everyone.

Alexi was a part of our Allies List from day one, and he took time out of his busy All Star Game week schedule to hang out with his LGBT and allied fans. Thank you Alexi, for being an ally and for all that you do.

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Joanna Lohman Helps Relaunch GO! Athletes in Philadelphia


Joanna Lohman GO AthletesDC United midfielder Joanna Lohman took to the stage at the University of Pennsylvania to help relaunch GO! Athletes, a national network of LGBT student-athletes and their allies.

Short for Generation Out, GO! Athletes will provide services such as peer support for LGBT athletes, assistance in creating GO! Athletes chapters at schools, and leading workshops and speakers forums.

Joanna Lohman was the keynote speaker for last night’s relaunch, where she talked about her philanthropic work and life as an out athlete: “This is the time for the next generation of out athletes and allies. Coaches, athletes, fans and allies alike are ready.”

Lohman met her partner Lianne Sanderson when both played for the Philadelphia Independence of WPS.

You can get more information about GO! Athletes at their website.

(Photo: Samarth Shrivastava, Daily Pennsylvanian)

Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out Day


Coming Out DayToday is National Coming Out Day. If there is someone in your life dealing with the struggle that is coming out to friends, family, and coworkers as an LGBT person, give them some love and support today.

Here are some coming out resources that may be a help to them or you:

Share with them the stories of those in the American soccer community who have come out since last year’s National Coming Out Day:

November 2011: David Testo, former Columbus Crew and Montreal Impact midfielder

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Gay Marriage football

Soccer Players for Gay Marriage?


Gay Marriage footballWith four weeks until Election Day four states have gay marriage on the ballot, and pro athletes continue to make headlines with their views on the subject.

Early last month Baltimore Raven Brendon Ayanbadejo took part in a video for Marylanders for Marriage Equality, which drew fire from Maryland Delegate Emmett Burns. Burns called upon the team to prohibit Ayanbadejo from expressing his views on gay marriage.

Enter Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings (another state with gay marriage on the ballot November 6). He took to the internet to pen an expletive-laced blog post in Ayanbadejo’s defense and has since challenged a conservative state representative to a debate and appeared on the cover of Out Magazine.

With so many soccer players who have shown support for the LGBT community, where are the ones vocal about gay marriage like Ayanbadejo and Kluwe?

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