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Jay Demerit Vancouver Whitecaps Pride Scarf

Vancouver Whitecaps Say “You Can Play”


The Vancouver Whitecaps used the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia to debut their new pride scarf. Now they’ve released a new video for the You Can Play Project.

Jay Demerit Vancouver Whitecaps Pride ScarfMany players are featured spreading the “You Can Play” message:

  • midfielder Russell Teibert
  • defender and captain Jay DeMerit
  • forward Erik Hurtado
  • defender Andy O’Brien
  • midfielder Sebastián Fernández
  • midfielder Gershon Koffie
  • midfielder Pedro Morales
  • forward Kekuta Manneh
  • midfielder Matías Laba
  • defender Jordan Harvey
  • goalkeeper David Ousted
  • head coach Carl Robinson

The Vancouver Whitecaps also used the video release to spread the word for their Pride Night coming up on July 27. Scarves are still available at their online shop, as well as upcoming matches while they last. $10 of each purchase goes to support the You Can Play Project.

Vancouver Whitecaps Knighton

Soccer Ally May: Vancouver Whitecaps


We head north today to recruit Allies List members from our second Cascadia and second Canadian team this month, the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Vancouver defenders Jay DeMerit and Jordan Harvey participated in the NOH8 Campaign when they visited last year and five others joined with us last season: Joe Cannon, Brad Knighton, Alain Rochat, Omar Salgado, and Matt Watson.

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Cascadia Vancouver Southsiders

Cascadia Supporters Mark International Day Against Homophobia


Supporters groups in Cascadia marked Friday’s International Day Against Homophobia with displays in the stands Saturday in Vancouver and Seattle.

For Vancouver it was a draw against Cascadia rivals Portland, but just as the Timbers Army had a week earlier, the Southsiders displayed an anti-homophobia banner:

Cascadia Vancouver Southsiders

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Vancouver Whitecaps home jersey

Vancouver Whitecaps: Jersey Week 2013

Vancouver Whitecaps home jersey

The Vancouver Whitecaps released a new home jersey this week, and it takes a new angle on their first MLS kit from two years ago.

I say angle because it takes the thin stripes of the last edition and tilts them to lineup with the, well, whitecaps of the Vancouver Whitecaps crest. It’s a really nice change and I also like that the color change of the stripes goes from darker at top to lighter at the bottom. The old one had lighter stripes at the top.

I don’t like the collar. The off center color change just bothers me. It doesn’t work and there would have been numerous better ways to include both blues in it.

For good measure, here’s defender and captain Jay DeMerit looking all kinds of fine both in and out of the new kit:

Jordan Harvey: Off the Pitch and Up in the Air


Jordan HarveyThe Vancouver Whitecaps kicked off their Off the Pitch web series with captain Jay DeMerit learning some tap dance moves. They continue with defender and soccer ally Jordan Harvey taking to the skies with some beginner pilot lessons.

The idea of the Off the Pitch series is to pair Whitecaps players with fans who have a unique talent or career to share.

Jordan Harvey is the second brave participant, taking the controls of a small aircraft along with Whitecaps fan Kristjan Aug. And it’s all done to a Loggins-esque soundtrack complete with Berlin’s classic Top Gun Ballad.

Now, if you guys want to go full-on Top Gun, maybe shirtless beach volleyball can make an appearance in a future installment.

You can read more about Jordan Harvey’s flight and the Off the Pitch series at the Caps website.

Jay Demerit tap dances

Jay DeMerit and Jazz Hands!


Jay Demerit tap dancesThe Vancouver Whitecaps are launching a new video series called “Off the Pitch,” and captain Jay DeMerit is the star of the inaugural episode.

The idea is for Whitecaps fans to Tweet their hobbies and jobs to the team, and they will film your favorite player learning a bit about your interest.

Jay DeMerit is the team guinea pig for the project as a member of the front office staff takes him along for a lesson in tap dancing.

Check out Jay and his newly found freestyle tap skills:

What other talents to you want to see from the Whitecaps players?


Jay DeMerit, Jordan Harvey, and Michael Boxall in the NOH8 Campaign


In early May, the NOH8 Campaign made a swing through Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. At their Vancouver stop, Whitecaps defenders and allies Jay DeMerit, Jordan Harvey, and Michael Boxall (now with the Wellington Phoenix) all participated.

The NOH8 Campaign began as a silent protest to Proposition 8 in California, but has continued on since then to stand up for not only marriage, but all human equality.

It’s a great testament to the dedication of these players to the cause of equality that they took the time out of their schedules to be a part of the Vancouver event.

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Vancouver’s New Secret Weapon: Joe Cannon in Short Shorts


After a thwomping in Los Angeles, the Vancouver Whitecaps’ five-game road trip continued with a 1-0 Independence Day victory over the Colorado Rapids.

Could the secret to their shutout success be goalkeeper and soccer ally Joe Cannon’s extremely short shorts?

Cannon took some pride in his clothing choice on Twitter after the game:

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Custom Name Whitecaps _MattWatson_29183

Soccer Ally May: Vancouver Whitecaps


It’s our last day of recruitment from MLS teams in May for our Allies List and it’s going to be fun going through all the results over the weekend to report back next week.

Our final team is the Vancouver Whitecaps, who also have a half-dozen allies.

Matt Watson and Brad Knighton both joined the list in February, while Sebastien LeToux became a member in March. In addition to signing on via Twitter, Jay DeMerit and Jordan Harvey were joined by teammate Michael Boxall at the NOH8 Campaign photo shoot in Vancouver this month. Thank you all!

Who will be next? Will our MLS recruitment month end with a bang or a whimper? Help reach out to the players below!

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We’re gay4vancouverdefenders.


Chabala, Lahoud, Braun, Wingert, and Dunseth. These are the American soccer pros who have participated in the NOH8 Campaign prior to this week.

We are immensely proud, happy, and grateful that Vancouver Whitecaps defenders Jay DeMerit, Jordan Harvey, and Michael Boxall all joined them by participating in NOH8 while they were in town this week.

Originally started as a protest to Proposition 8 passing in California, it is now a silent protest working toward LGBT equality in all realms.

NOH8 co-founder Jeff Parshley talked about the project at the shoot Tuesday night:

Thank you Jay, Jordan, and Michael! We look forward to seeing the results!

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