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Alan Gordon Will Johnson

Alan Gordon is not a Dickhead


Alan Gordon Will JohnsonAlan Gordon is not a dickhead.

Marc Burch is not a dickhead.

Robbie Rogers is on the August cover of Out Magazine for an issue focused on sports. It’s quite a good interview done by who is probably the best writer at Here Media, who publishes both Out and The Advocate. It covers his playing, his coming out, and his personal life with a balance you don’t often see from gay media outlets. I haven’t yet mentioned the Out Magazine interview on this site, and this will be the only time I mention it.

I’m not going to mention Out Magazine and their otherwise good interview with Robbie Rogers because the magazine has also published an online slideshow called the “21 Biggest Dickheads in Sports: 2013 Edition.” Seattle’s Marc Burch and San Jose’s Alan Gordon both appear on the list along with athletes from basketball, ultimate fighting, hockey, gridiron football, and baseball.

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Chicago Fire Sparky Pride

American Soccer Gears Up for Pride Weekend


Coinciding with the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots that ushered in the modern gay rights movement, the final weekend of June is filled with the biggest pride celebrations across the country. Soccer teams and fans across America will be a part of it in the biggest ways ever over the next few days.

Chicago Fire Sparky PrideThe Chicago Fire are partnering with team sponsors Pepsi for a float in their city’s Sunday parade along with other team sponsors like Quaker. Defender Gonzalo Segares and midfielder Brendan King will be on the float in addition to team mascot Sparky. Section 8 supporters group members as will Fire staffers who will be tossing Fire swag to the crowd.

The Fire also used this Pride Week in Chicago to announce this year’s LGBT Pride Night at Toyota Park, which will take place September 28 against the Montreal Impact. Once again, a portion of ticket sales will be going toward Equality Illinois’ work.

It’s the first Seattle Pride weekend in awhile with a weekend off for the Seattle Sounders, and supporters group Gorilla FC is taking advantage of the week off by making an appearance at the Sunday parade. Gorilla FC likens themselves to other socially progressive supporters like those of Germany’s FC Saint Pauli who stand up for LGBT and other diverse fans.

Seattle Reign Pride ShirtThe Seattle Reign of the NWSL does have a match this weekend, and they’re making the Saturday match a celebration of pride. It’s also the expected home debut of midfielder Megan Rapinoe after her stint for Lyon in France. The Reign will have a special limited edition t-shirt for sale only at this weekend’s match for the occasion.

And finally, as we’ve noted before, the Houston Dynamo will have a big presence at Pride Houston, running a kids’ activity area with soccer-themed inflatables. The Dynamo Girls will also be in the parade and performing in a pre-parade kickoff show.

Thanks to all of the American soccer teams taking part in this upcoming weekend of pride festivities, and everyone in soccer who has made this a great pride month for our community. Especially with this past week’s historic Supreme Court decisions, it’s going to be an amazing weekend.

Cascadia Vancouver Southsiders

Cascadia Supporters Mark International Day Against Homophobia


Supporters groups in Cascadia marked Friday’s International Day Against Homophobia with displays in the stands Saturday in Vancouver and Seattle.

For Vancouver it was a draw against Cascadia rivals Portland, but just as the Timbers Army had a week earlier, the Southsiders displayed an anti-homophobia banner:

Cascadia Vancouver Southsiders

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Seattle Sounders Johnson

Soccer Ally May: Seattle Sounders


Two weeks down and two to go with over two dozen players added to our Allies List. We begin week three with the Seattle Sounders.

The Sounders currently have three players on the list who all joined when asked at this time last year: David Estrada, Brad Evans, and Eddie Johnson.

As we ask players from our first Cascadia team in this campaign to sign on, who will join them? Help ask players using the list below, and we’ll be both looking out for mentions of us on Twitter and tweets using the #soccerally hashtag.
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Seattle Sounders Shale

Seattle Sounders: Jersey Week 2013


I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for the new Seattle Sounders jerseys. The last few times we have changed jerseys went from classic Seattle sports team to 13-year-olds in training bras. Then from one highlighter color to another highlighter colored jersey. So it is with fear and anticipation that I look at these new jerseys.

Seattle Sounders Shale

Seattle Sounders Shale

Now this is where the classy ladies come out and play. For our 5th season I feel we are showing our age and experience. But of course you have to pay for it. The authentic jersey has so much amazing style and great colors. The replica is great, but bland. The splash of color on the left side, love the blue and green pole. What more is there to say? Oh wait, Brad Evans. Looking at Brad on the ad campaign, whoa love it! Sweaty, sexy, rugged man in rumpled jersey delicates. Can a gay man dream for anything better? Well maybe being able to take it off of him.

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March Burch gay soccer

Marc Burch Meets the Press and Opens Up


At Tuesday’s training for the Seattle Sounders, defender Marc Burch took questions from reporters and was very candid about his suspension last year for using a gay slur.

Marc Burch gay soccer

March Burch (second from left) plays with a Seattle LGBT soccer club in December (Sean Gumm, The Stranger)

He said that his three game suspension for the incident in a November playoff game against Real Salt Lake was the “right decision” on the part of the league. While he acknowledges what he did, as we all know it’s not who he is, and he told reporters his sister is gay.

Burch went above and beyond the league fines, suspension, and mandated diversity training over the off-season. In December he played with a Seattle LGBT soccer club. They didn’t talk about what happened. They just played some soccer and got to know each other. I think this is stellar, and Marc and anyone who encouraged Marc to do this should be commended.

As a teammate of Robbie Rogers at the University of Maryland, Marc Burch also addressed Rogers’ coming out, hoping that his support–such as appearing in the video the Sounders produced–wasn’t solely a reaction to what happened last year. He also spoke about gay players in Major League Soccer in general:

“I think we’ll be the first league to definitely accept it,” Burch told reporters at Sounders training on Tuesday. “I think it will come and go a lot easier than people think. It’s going to happen, and I think this is a perfect league for it.”

The final game of Burch’s suspension will be this Saturday night’s season opener against the Montreal Impact.

Seattle Sounders Brad Evans with Robbie Rogers

Seattle Sounders Support Robbie Rogers


After Robbie Rogers came out on Friday, the outpouring of support from the soccer community was immense. But there are a few examples worth highlighting, such as the video from the Seattle Sounders.

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid coached Rogers to the 2008 MLS Cup with the Columbus Crew, and Brad Evans shared the midfield with Rogers at the Crew. Even Marc Burch, who was suspended last season for using a gay slur on the field, appears as he played with Rogers at the University of Maryland. This video from guys close to Robbie was especially touching for me to watch.

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Marc Burch Post MLS logo

Marc Burch Suspended Three Games for Gay Slur


Marc Burch Post MLS logoMajor League Soccer has suspended Seattle Sounders defender Marc Burch for a gay slur he used against an opponent in their Thursday night victory over Real Salt Lake. Matching the punishment handed down to Colin Clark earlier in the season, Burch has also been fined an undisclosed amount and mandated diversity training beyond the training all players get preseason.

The punishment removes Marc Burch from both legs of the Western Conference Championship and the MLS Cup or the first regular season match of 2013, should Seattle not be the Conference Champions.

Said Commissioner Don Garber:

Major League Soccer has a zero tolerance policy in response to this type of behavior from its players or staff. While I understand and believe that Mr. Burch is remorseful, Major League Soccer is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect.

It is encouraging to see the League continuing to maintain a high standard when it comes to keeping homophobic language off the field of play.


Marc Burch Apology for Last Night’s Gay Slur


Marc BurchSeattle Defender Marc Burch apologized via the Sounders website for his use of a gay slur during their match last night against Real Salt Lake:

I apologize for my horrific choice of words last night during our match. This is something that is inconsistent with my family values and because of that I am both disappointed and embarrassed by my level of poor judgment. I take seriously my role as a leader in the community and this is completely regrettable and unacceptable. Character matters and I hope through hard work on and off the field to begin earning your respect and trust again.

We will continue to bring you developments as they come from the club and league.

Marc Burch gay slur

Marc Burch Crosses the Line


Last night in the Seattle Sounders victory over Real Salt Lake, Sounders defender Marc Burch unleashed a gay slur that was caught on camera. It was captured by SB Nation Seattle:

Marc Burch gay slur

It was also widely seen by folks on Twitter, including by Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl:

Major League Soccer is in a different position now than they have been in the past. The disciplinary committee has now leveled sanctions against a player for using this exact same language. They have also released a video telling fans “don’t cross the line” when it comes to issues like homophobia, and that very ad was aired during the broadcast of last night’s game.

The League might also see differences as compared to what happened with Colin Clark earlier in the season. Does the target of the slur matter, comparing a volunteer ball kid to another player on the field? Does the scope of who heard it matter, comparing something clearly audible on a sideline microphone to something that is obvious yet inaudible.

The answer to these must be no. Major League Soccer says “don’t cross the line” and Burch crossed it. Casual homophobic language has no place in the game and it cant be tolerated in the locker room, in the stands, or on the pitch. Language like this, even from players who say they are gay-supportive otherwise, is the kind of thing that is keeping athletes in the closet.

And Marc Burch appears to be far from a homophobic person. A commenter on SB Nation says he received a Facebook message from Burch, saying he doesn’t recall using those words and apologizing as he has a lesbian family member himself.

But actions have consequences and even in this hectic playoff season, this incident needs to be addressed by the league.

We have been told to expect a statement from the Seattle Sounders sometime today, and will bring that and any action from the league to you as it happens. SB Nation Seattle has a good open letter to Burch on their page.

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