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NYCFC Sponsoring New York Ramblers’ Indoor Tournament

The New York Ramblers have announced that NYCFC have signed on as sponsors of this weekend’s NY Indoor Classic soccer tournament. The Ramblers were founded as the world’s first organized openly-gay soccer club in 1980.

The 2014 gay4soccer Draft: 7 – 2

Everyone knows what players got selected in the four rounds of the MLS SuperDraft. But what would the first round of the draft look like if was done on appearance alone? This is the...

The 2014 gay4soccer Draft: 13 – 8

It’s time to continue our annual countdown that plays “what if?” with the Major League Soccer SuperDraft. What if players were selected solely on their appearance? What would the draft’s first round look like?...

The 2014 gay4soccer Draft: 19 – 14

Preseason is underway for Major League Soccer and this week we continue a now three-year tradition. Taking a look at the 2014 SuperDraft picks through a gay4soccer lens. The premise is simple. What if...

MLS Cup Weekend 2013 Video Recap

As usual Major League Soccer put on an outstanding weekend for MLS Cup 2013 along with hosts and match victors Sporting Kansas City.