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Soccer Ally May: New York Red Bulls


In almost two weeks we have gained 27 members of our Allies List, and we hit the midway point of our month with the New York Red Bulls.

Four current Red Bulls players joined the list at this time last year: Connor Lade, Dax McCarty, Heath Pearce, and Jonny Steele. Let’s add to the list today by asking their teammates below to join. If they tweet at @gay4soccer or use the #soccerally hashtag we’ll see their replies. Also, with action in so many leagues this weekend, ask your favorite players in person when you can.

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New York Red Bulls 2013

New York Red Bulls: Jersey Week 2013


New York Red Bulls 2013The New York Red Bulls revealed their new kits as part of MLS Jersey Week 2013, and hey look, they colored in the armpits red, or something.

This is the kind of jersey change that warrants a big media event? Much like the Houston kit revealed earlier Monday, the New York Red Bulls continue on their step backward from jerseys past that were at least interesting, sporting a unique button-down look.

Confession time: I even own one of those, and I’m a frigging Philadelphia Union fan.

We get it. You’re the New York Red Bulls. It’s in your team name, so how about you do something different with the logo? Put it off center, or even wraparound with one bull on front or one in the back. Or even take a cue from a can of your namesake energy drink and break the front of the jersey up into blue and white or silver quadrants.

Just do something, because all you’re doing now is boring me.


New York Red Bulls Fiasco Putting Timbers in an Abyss


The 3-2 Portland Timbers loss against the New York Red Bulls was heartbreaking but it also does contain some controversy with the referees. Some might say that the second goal should have never happened because the referee blew the whistle early and people did not go after the ball. That is up to debate but regardless of that controversial result the Timbers still lost the game.

What is shocking is how Kris Boyd was never used in the game for the first time this season. That is a complete shocker seeing that Gavin have always put him in the game throughout the entire match. The three people Gavin used were Fucito, Wallace, and Palmer as subs (some might say they are sub par players or better yet not great with the fans I guess) to take out Kimura, Dike, and Songo’o. People lost confidence in the game once people realized the kinds of subs Gavin was putting in. The sad thing is of all people Kenny Coopers sub was a game changer in this game and helped lead some confidence in a NYRB team that were up against a wall after the two goals.

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Red Bull New York: 5 Wins in a Row and a New Obsession


Saturday night was special.

While I complain about referees with friends I’ve held my tongue on here, but Saturday was horrible – just horrible. The only calls I think they got right were the two yellow cards on Victor Palsson (really you were just a dumbass). Both penalties were questionable and I’m still trying to see the handball for the Montreal one and I’ve watched the call a good 10 times.

A win is a win but come on refs it needs to be better then that. On the positive side well we got to see Heath Pearce in New York jersey. (Yes, I have my new obsession. Sorry Solli) Also, finally Dane Richards is scoring this season. Clever Hans Backe said he wanted Lindpere and Richards to start producing and in the past 4 games the two have combined for 3 goals.

Come Wednesday night RBNY may have a new record winning streak. Right now the 5 wins in a row is tied for the longest streak in NY history that was last achieved in 2003 and it’s Chivas USA at home so it could be a win but I’m expecting Juan Pablo Angel to spoil that party. On a side note, anyone at RBA for the game should only applaud JPA as he is and will always a be a NYRB/MetroStars Legend! He should receive a hero’s welcome even though he will be in a Chivas USA kit.

Let’s go for 6 before the international break/Open Cup!


Red Bull New York: Welcome to the Silly Season


So, you know that post from yesterday I posted…yeah, that was the calm before the storm…

Yesterday no Major League Soccer club other than the New York Red Bulls decided to start the summer silly season off right with a trade that [insert any phase here]. Seriously, I have gone through every thought from this “is happening” to “this is amazing” and from what I’ve read everyone has done the same but with the dust settling this a good trade.

Oh yeah the trade was Juan Agudelo for Heath Pearce (salary partially paid) + allocation money + 1/3 of the transfer fee when Agudelo goes to Europe.

So let’s look at the positives and negatives of the trade.

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New York Red Bulls: 4 Wins, Top of the East and Getting Healthy


The Red Bulls have had a lot of doom and gloom forecasting since the beginning of the season. First the away losses to Dallas and Salt Lake. Then came the scoring onslaught. Then came the horrible game in DC and lots of injuries ending with Henry’s hamstring going in the beginning of the New England game. Everyone expected NY just to fall apart.

Oh how wrong they were. 4 wins later and guess what NY actually has real depth for the first time in god knows when. P.S. this is the first 4 win streak by NY since 2003. Dax McCarthy, Kenny Cooper, Ryan Meara, and the entire inexperienced backline stepped up. Lindpere started producing. Hell, Holgerssen who started off his MLS career being the scapegoat has turned things around and even scored a goal on Sunday in Philly. Yes I do find it odd the second Miller and Marquez are brought back into the starting XI the shutout streak ended but a win is a win.

The summer is looking bright. Almost everyone is back to training which is perfect time since the MLS teams start the open cup in 3 weeks. It will be interesting to see how Backe deals with a full healthy squad now that the bench have proven themselves. I think the summer will be bright and wins will continue. I’m also curious who our 3rd DP will be. I also wonder what is going to happen to Wilman Conde. Oh what’s NY without more drama now that Marquez is back from suspension another player decides to assault a police officer? Words can’t describe it really.

Red Bull New York: Grinding Out Results


So that was unexpected. The flatness of the Galaxy and the amazing commanding of the area by Ryan Meara. While some people have complained about the dullness of the Galaxy game, this is a result business as many euro commentators always remind us. A win is a win no matter what. In this case we were going to the most powerful (on paper) attack in the league to the MLS cup winners and where they were undefeated last year with almost the whole first XI injured. They did what was need to win. They didn’t just park the bus there were lots of attacking runs by New York. Our inexperience defense is doing great, I see lots of bright spots. Ryan Meara is justing getting better and better every game. This is proven by the talk of Rookie of the Year already.

The good part is with Jan Gunnar Solli and Juan Agudelo back, and with Miller and Marquez coming back. The unavailable list is getting shorter and shorter so hopefully the wins with continue to come with some more entertainment. I hope the shutouts continue though. Meara’s confidence is starting to fly off the charts which can only be good for the rest of our season.

I curious how Hans Backe is going to field to team against Houston with the defense doing so well in the past two games but we will see if they won a vote of confidence from Backe or if its back to the bench.


Soccer Ally May: New York Red Bulls


Well, we’ve gotten through the first six days of our May campaign and the six teams who didn’t have any players on our Allies List. And with your help, at least one player on each of the teams joined!

Now we look at the teams who have players on the list, while we continue to recruit more.

Dax McCarty is the sole player on the New York Red Bulls who has stepped up as an ally, joining the list via Twitter in April. Both the Viking Army and Empire Supporters Club are also on the list.

So let’s not keep Dax as the solo New York representative. Help us contact his fellow players and have them join our ranks. Just have them Tweet to us or use #soccerally as a hash tag.

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LA Galaxy 0 – 1 New York Red Bulls (Boredom, 11)



The visiting New York Red Bulls walked into The Home Depot Center on Saturday in front of a sold-out crowd and ESPN (the uno) prime-time cameras with one goal in mind:

Play the most unentertaining, uninteresting, style-less soccer of the season.

And they succeeded.  A nice unexpected bonus? New York somehow managed to walk away with the victory.

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File under "things you won't see this weekend."

Red Bull New York Update: Injuries, Injuries, and a Shutout


File under "things you won't see this weekend."

First off, bravo on Ryan Meara with his first shutout last saturday with a very inexperienced defence in front of him because well the backline is all in the treatment room. Second off, Dax McCarty has become a rock star on the field since becoming the first player on the red bulls to become a soccer ally. I think it may be a lucky charm sort of thing.

So what we lovingly call the 1% derby (New York vs. LA Galaxy) has become LA v. the walking wounded. Miller, Keel, Taino, Henry are all out injured for the weekend. Marquez is suspended. Solli is questionable. Agedelo will play at most for 25 minutes. So it’s not looking good and I don’t have many comments about how to even prepare since … who is left other than who generally starts is all kind of unknown. I’m guessing we might be seeing Richards partnering up front with Cooper and Solli - if fit – playing in the midfield (his old position) for the first time for NY.

Hopefully this inexperience defense does well again and Meara keeps improving. I just don’t know how this is going to go at all. This is why having such an old squad is going to bite us in the ass.

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