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New England Revolution Supporters Celebrate Pride


New England Revolution FansFor the second year the New England Revolution supporters groups Midnight Riders and Rebellion will be marking Boston Pride at Gillette Stadium.

Things get started Sunday night before the Revs’ match against the New York Red Bulls where the groups will be selling Pride gear before the match with proceeds going to the New England advocacy group Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders.

The festivities continue on Saturday the 14th as the supporters groups march in the Boston Pride Parade for the first time ever. The Midnight Riders and Rebellion will be joined by members of the New England Revolution staff for the march past some of Boston’s major landmarks. It will be the first time a pro sports franchise participates in the event, one of the oldest and biggest in the nation.

“The Midnight Riders have been looking forward to this year’s Pride events since our first successful celebration last May,” said Midnight Riders president Fran Harrington. “We believe that soccer is for everybody, and we’re excited to demonstrate that with our involvement in Pride Night at the Revolution game and at the Parade in Boston the following weekend.”

New England Revolution Nguyen

Soccer Ally May: New England Revolution


Their supporters had their ally-ship on display this past weekend, and now it’s time to ask New England Revolution players to sign on as well.

Seven players on the Revolution are currently allies: Darrius Barnes, Ryan Guy, Stephen McCarthy, Lee Nguyen, Kelyn Rowe, Clyde Simms, and A.J. Soares. In addition to our list, Stephen McCarthy is an Athlete Ally Ambassador and Clyde Simms made an It Gets Better video with DC United.

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New England Pride

MLS Supporters Groups Show Pride This Weekend


More Major League Soccer supporters groups had pride and anti-homophobia displays in the stands this past weekend. It’s all part of marking the International Day Against Homophobia that took place on May 17.

The New England Revolution shut out Toronto FC 2-0 Saturday and the Midnight Riders put on a huge display boasting marriage equality in all of the states in that corner of the country. The Comcast Sports Network gave them recognition on their broadcast of the match:

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NE Pride Flag

The Pride of New England


A little less than a year ago, I asked my friend Prairie (one of the first Soccer Allies, for the record) if she could help me come up with an idea for a Pride-esque flag I could wear to Revs games. She’s got lots of experience in designing and painting tifo for New England and for the national teams, so I thought she might have a concept in mind.

What we came up with was this:

New England Pride

I’ve come to call it the New England Pride Flag. It’s an amalgam of two flags; the traditional gay pride flag you see throughout June, and the old-school Flag of New England.

I like to think it stands in a subtle contrast to the pride flags you may see elsewhere in the league. It pretty obviously reflects the LGBT pride that we’ve got up here in New England, but it also stands up as a subtle “this is who we are, who the hell are you?” flag.

This is us. New England has Pride; what have you got going on?

So that’s my challenge – show us your pride, and show us a way that your pride can stand out.

Stephen McCarthy Athlete Ally

Stephen McCarthy Joins Athlete Ally

Stephen McCarthy Athlete Ally

New England Revolution defender Stephen McCarthy has joined the Athlete Ally program, the fourth Major League Soccer player to do so this month.

McCarthy told

If there’s one thing I stand for as an athlete, it’s individuality and the freedom to be you who are.  I can’t imagine playing a sport that forces its athletes into a box or denies them the right to have their own styles, preferences and orientations. Gay or straight, every player needs to be respected and accepted.

Stephen McCarthy is the fourth MLS player to join Athlete Ally, and the league is now tied with the National Football League for most representation. He allied with gay4soccer last May as part of our big recruitment push prior to Gay Pride Month.

Chris Seitz of FC Dallas, and A.J. DeLaGarza and Omar Gonzalez of the LA Galaxy–all University of Maryland teammates of Robbie Rogers–joined Athlete Ally earlier in the month.


Soccer Ally May: New England Revolution


I’m on the road right now, so don’t have my handy Post It tally of how our Soccer Ally recruitment drive has been going, but it definitely has been going well and we have just this week to go.

It’s appropriate that I’m in Boston right now as we look at the New England Revolution, starting off with three allies.

Clyde Simms was part of the DC United It Gets Better video while Kelyn Rowe and Darrius Barnes signed on via Twitter in January. Thank you Clyde, Kelyn, and Darrius!

Who will join them from New England? Help us Tweet at the players below and let’s see at least one more #soccerally!

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When One Direction Goes MLS


My current favorite British boy band One Direction, currently tearing up the American music charts with their debut album, released their 2nd video diary chronicling their time in America today. The video features three members (and a crew member) playing a small game of soccer in a park in Boston Common. Why is this garnering news on this website?

Two of them happen to be wearing New England Revolution jerseys. While teeny pop music may not be your cup of tea, this is great promotion for the league. The guys are known by their fans as being soccer fans back in England, so the fact that they are wearing MLS jerseys, and not English Premier League or England national team jerseys is great. Also, I personally love that they are New England jerseys as opposed to kits from the New York Red Bulls or the LA Galaxy, which seem to be the go to with celebrities.

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MLS Timbers Revolution Soccer

New England: The View from the Capo



I got rhythm, I got music, I got my team, who could ask for anything more?

This badly-misquoted Gershwin song was my feeling as I ascended the capo stand at Gillette Stadium for the first time on Saturday. For a couple of years, I’d contemplated taking the bull by the horn and trying to conduct several hundred semi-belligerent Revs fans in various states of inebriation. As it turned out, my capo cherry was broken when I was pressed into service at the last minute after the scheduled cheerleader (let’s face it, that’s what we are) backed out.

Depending on whom you ask, my 45-minute tenure atop the repurposed lifeguard stand was either a rousing success or a colossal failure. I did my best to bring out some of the oldies – after 16 years of going to games, I picked up a few songs that have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another, and I relished the opportunity to reintroduce Jonathan Richman’s “New England” to the proceedings.

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gay4soccer MLS Schedule Mini-Roundtable


The MLS Schedule was released yesterday, setting Twitter into its usual flurry of comments surrounding the many changes featured. It’s the premiere of the Montreal Impact, who will get their season started against cross-country rivals the Vancouver Whitecaps. It’s the longest MLS schedule ever, with the MLS Cup Championship game pegged for Saturday, December 1. It’s a return to an unbalanced schedule, creating some interesting rivalry match-ups that seem ready-made to be featured as part of MLS’ return to broadcast television as part of the new deal with NBC Sports.

So what does our slate of gay4soccer writers think of the schedule and how it affects their team. Check out some of their thoughts after the jump.  read more…

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