Happy Hour


Thursday Happy Hour: SuperDraft Drink Break


Ginger. Ally. Podcasting genius.

Time to take a break from all of the SuperDraft talk out there and relax a bit with some Ginger ranting, ally loving, and President Gaga-ing. Don’t worry, we’ll have some SuperDraft coverage tomorrow brought to you in a way that only gay4soccer can.  read more…

Yes, Alexi, we're excited you're on the list, too.

Wednesday Happy Hour: Cheers to You All


Yes, we're excited you're on the list, too.

Wow. Quite a big day here at gay4soccer and thanks to you all who were part of it by helping add to our Allies list or sharing our post about it. We are very excited to have had two MLS/USMNT alumni and one current MLS player sign on today. A few more stories we’ve had our eye on today including Americans abroad and boldly combating homophobia in UK soccer are after the jump.  read more…

Tuesday Happy Hour: Getting Intimate With Taylor Twellman


Thanks to Alexi Lalas in the morning and Kickette in the afternoon, our day began and ended with underwear talk here at gay4soccer. We have no problem with this whatsoever. Those links, reality shows, and more after the jump.  read more…

Monday Happy Hour: 1 Hat Trick = Half a Six Pack, Right?


And another week of Happy Hours begins this Monday with some great interviews, USMNT news, and SuperDraft excitement.  read more…

Friday Happy Hour: TGIFBM


It’s Friday! Enjoy your weekends and hope a bit of soccer is a part of it! Our Happy Hour has some suggestions for a great American soccer weekend, or at least some good bar conversation.  read more…

Thursday Happy Hour: Made in the USA


From America’s main man in goal to an American soccer New Year’s list, today’s Happy Hour seems to be all about the U-S-of-A. Grab an American brew and check out our Thursday links.  read more…

Wednesday Happy Hour: Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes


Here we are with day 2 of stories we think you should be talking about at Happy Hour tonight. The Happy Hour will be a joint operation between us here at gay4soccer and our good friends at The Free Beer Movement, so be sure to share these stories with potential soccer converts as you’re out and about this evening. read more…

Tuesday Happy Hour: Beckham! Beckham! Beckham!


Happy New Year! One feature we will be bringing you almost daily is a set of “happy hour links” – a few things we think you’ll be talking about with your friends at your local watering hole tonight.  read more…

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