Every team in Major League Soccer has a player on our Allies List!


It’s been almost exactly four months since we started asking players, media, staff, supporters, and others to join us in supporting LGBT rights in soccer and we can now say that all nineteen MLS teams are represented by at least one player.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach out to players and supported us in other ways.

Later today we start acknowledging teams that already have Allies on the list, and working to recruit more to join them.

Thank you Eddie РAnthony РRich РDarrius РJustin РEfrain РMike РBrian РDanny РA.J. РJay РDilly РAndrew РKevin РLogan РBrad РGabriel РMike РSam РJordan РCyprian РAndrew РJon РDan РBrad РMichael - Sébastien РRoger РZac РChad РDax РJimmy РJay РAmobi РHeath РKelyn РLuke РAaron РChris РClyde РBabayele РCarlos РKonrad РMatt РJosh РChris РKrystian РJosh РChris РSal!